.Terrorist Threat Creates Massive Jam.

i shall try to describe the chaos today in the form of a news report.
believe me, today totally sucks.

PENANG - A twist of events today led hundreds of island and mainland dwellers stranded for hours. In what was reported to be a suspected terrorist threat, police cordoned off a large part of the Penang Bridge to comb for bombs and other possible threats.

According to a "kepohchi", Mr. Timmy Ang, the chaos might have started from as early as 3 to 4 pm and will likely continue into the wee hours of night.

However, observers and stranded users of the Penang Bridge reported that the bridge was opened for normal traffic at around 7.15 pm. A frequent bridge user, Mr. Jeemee, commented that although the bridge resumed normal operation around 7.15, the traffic was still crawling even until 9pm.

Mr. Jeemee also said "These terrorists are idiots. They're dumb, inconsiderate and totally without brains. If they have the slightest brain cell, they would know that such acts of random bombing will incur the wrath of their god. I'm sure in their bible somewhere they have the words 'Random Bombing to gain approval into heaven or to gain obscenely large amount of pleasure'. I think they should include somewhere in their bible the words 'Kill yourself to save humanity'. I'm not sure but I believe that these terrorists are in the same league as Mat Rempits and cockroackhes. They should create a cult called IDOL (Idiots and Dumbasses of the Living)."

It is with hope that the next time such a threat occurs, the terrorists might have the balls to actually blow something up. The least they could do is strap themselves up with C4 explosives and march into a gang of rampaging Mat Rempits. - Bernono
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April 4, 2007


5xmom.com said…
Heh, my hubby got caught too. But he is luckier cos returning from BW to Penang is not so bad as in going to the mainland. And this Lite FM announced it is a lorry breakdown.
Anonymous said…
yeah, i think the newspaper today said that both events took place. the lorry and the stupid bomb.

i wasn't caught. i stopped at e-gate, had dinner with frens and resumed the journey at around 8.30pm.


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