.lack of life.

colleagues are overrated. i mean, i went to work thinking i can score some chicks meet some new friends and probably hang out with new and varied people. but i see all these people of different races... and they stick together.

what a bunch of degenerate lowlife racist idiots. but i think i'm getting the hang of work. it's pretty easy work in my opinion but it takes some getting used to cause i just got my first case on thursday. my first freaking case.

i miss my high school friends. and i miss all my friends i used to hang out with. with the exception of the few sarcastic two faced lowlife bastards.

my, that was a bit harsh... even for me.

i've been getting kinda a down mood these few days.
not because i'm broke or i had an accident. those kind of things never get to me.

just, you know... all these lack of social life and someone to talk to.
i miss SuperSam. she's someone i can talk to at times. and she's cool.
but she's having the time of her life in... god knows where.... i can't remember.

and i asked SweetKit when she'd be back and he says... "I have no idea, not having much contact with her"

there's tons of shows i've been missing and i want to catch up. Like Mr.Bean, Meet the Robinsons, The Reaping, Mukhsin and the upcoming Spiderman 3.

maybe AbsolutBas will come out with some plans this week. hopefully.....

not gonna be crossing my finger though.
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April 8, 2007


andydreamseeker said…
Hi Jimmy,
My review on The Reaping:
Anonymous said…
thanks. a long one but a good read.


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