.surprise in the mail.

i've received a REAL testimonial. yeah, after so long... a real testimonial in my friendster.
thanks ecot.

it's been such a long time since i've received a real testimonial. none of those picture moving, song singing, flash pasting testimonial. those are kind of lame IMHO.

anyway, as i've mentioned previously... i received a surprise in my mail. yeah, it came in the form of slow mail. i've vaguely remembered having slow mails when i was in secondary. those kind of things are slowly but surely getting rare.

but the feeling of opening a slow mail is nostalgic. unlike those e-mails, opening a slow mail requires a lot more anticipation. also a lot more personal.

know what i got?

a small fashion booklet from Padini and a RM30 voucher.
commercial strategy but refreshing and a surprise nonetheless.

don't you just <3 slow mail?
daily dose
April 3, 2007


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