.premature awakening.

woke up at 5 today. can you freaking believe that.. 5? and i thought it was 6. so i went about doing my things.

and i only got to know i woke up early when an hour later, i asked mom for the newspaper and she said "it won't reach for another hour.. 6.30."

"but it's already 7"

"it's only 6 dumb-dumb"


i can't believe i woke up at 5! still can't believe it now. i guess yesterday i slept quite early. i was too tired from all the work that after i finished my tuition class, i plopped on my bed and snoozed off.


Lunch Crap

went for lunch with my SA, DudeDes and Manager, EverElmi. Amazingly, they're really kewl. Had a blast in KFC talking.. mostly about the company.
DudeDes managed to squeeze in some crap about girls *-^. haha.

i gtg and work now. although they're really kewl, i doubt they'll tolerate blogging during office hours. although i can't see what's wrong with it. haha.


Morons in court.

while reading articles for my research, i came across this particular info:

Before the Court are two separate morons for partial reconsideration filed by the...

after blinking my eye twice... i realized...


my eyes need rest. maybe my brain too. too much reading on the net. T.T
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April 25, 2007


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