.design overhaul progress.

basically, the design is tentative. inspiration from aileen. the bomb.

i still need to tweak some stuffs but i got a new coding project coming up and my responsibility in work is getting heavier. it'll have to do until i get some time for myself.

the loading time might be slow the first time but once it caches in, it should be fine.

still need a horizontal navigation for getting back to the mainpage, right now, just use the chicklet to get back to the mainpage.

one thing for sure, it'll kill the 56k'ers.

edit: changed and added some stuffs. including side img and home navigation.
edit 2: changed to three column view. a bit crowded... no?
edit 4: thinking of adding some colours to make this dull site.. not so dull. but out of ideas.

pending : footer image (completed)... misc...

edit 3: this is all taxing. i don't think i'm gonna be doing a blog overhaul in the next 1 year or two. seriously.
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April 20, 2007


Anonymous said…
Looks nice. Can't wait for the finish product!
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks aileen. you're the best lar....

Anonymous said…
I know, rite... :P


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