Tuesday, June 30, 2009

.Urbanscapes Munchbunscapes.

I'm still rather pissed off I didn't get to visit Urbanscapes 2009 while I was in KL. It was kind of a so near yet so far relationship.

You can read about the already over event here and here. Or visit their gallery here.

I didn't get to go mostly because I was stuck in a rut over at Mont Kiara, Sri Hartamas. Then headed over to Selayang. In the end, I was too bummed up and too freaking lazy to get up and go out.

Wishing for 2010's Urbanscapes to be much better.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day Eighty Two - I <3 KL

One of the other places I rave about is KL. Partly because it is our capital. Another is because of the lights and activities happening even after the clock strikes twelve.

On a lighter note. Its beginning to seem wrong to name my 365 pics with Day XXX. Kinda misleading since I don't really take a pic everyday. Well, I'll try to get it up as soon as I get a chance.

Enjoy KL, Malaysia.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

.meeting chicks online?

Edz: You should add her in FB. She's under my friends.

Me: Can't I just meet her and say hello? I'm not really an advocate of online meeting and all. Feels awkward and nerdy.

Edz: Hahaha. Then you always update your FB like all the time. Not advocate my arse. Hahahaha... ~

Me: I like the internet and I love social media but I'm not really a fan of meeting girls/chicks online.

Edz: ...hahahahaha... ~

Me: I prefer face to face meet ups.

Edz: ...hahahahaha... ~

Me: (Silence...)

Edz: ...hahahaha... ~

Believe me, I was sucker punching him in my mind. I have vivid imaginations. By the time he finished the 15th *haha*, he was already losing a tooth and his nose was bleeding.

Haha my arse.

*Inspired by a true story. Ask Edz.*

Thursday, June 25, 2009

.apalah nasib gua.

Poket gua tinggal RM2.50 sahaja.

Esok gua minta sedekah dekat Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth.
Kalo anda nampak gua, Sila sokong.

Poket gua mungkin berisi tangan kosong. Tetapi hati gua penuh dengan cinta dan simpati kawan. Siapa ada hati nak pinjam duit tanpa interest sila hubungi talian 1-800-JIMMY ASMARA.


Cantuman Raksasa aka Transformers gua tak jadi tonton. Sebab panggung wayang kecil sangat. Apalah standard GSC ini. Sila perbesarkan wayang untuk tayangan hebat dan baru seperti ini.

Ataupun letak kerusi plastik bulat 6.50 sen kedai mamak... confirm 1000 orang boleh muat. Dan confirm tak ada orang buat perkara tak senonoh lagi. Sebab apalah standard cium dan raba atas kerusi plastik tak dapat sandar.


#81 (A) H1N1 Influenza Type A - View large on black.

Its been a wild year. The (A) H1N1 aka Swine flu is making headlines all over the world. They say the simplest thing will kill us all. I don't know but I'm thinking influenza is a better bet than Martian invasion or nuclear breakout.

Whatever it is. Let's all hope it ends soon.

Strobistas: 1 Strobe on camera right with Tungsten table lamp and pen torchlight as can be seen on the sunglass. Full CTO Strobe @ 1/16 24mm with Snoot.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day Eighty Zero - HBW

Happy Bokeh Wednesday. Sorry for the slow update. I've been busy thinking how about to go through all of this. In between work or full time?

Work has been eating me up but I'm heading over to KLUE Urbanscapes this Sat. Should be cool. Urbanscapes is a plethora of music, live bands, design exhitions, fashion exhibitions and basically a creative mindfuck. It will be held in KL Performing Arts Centre. Admission is NOT FREE.

Strobistas: 1 Pen torchlight behind subject.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Seventy Nine - Mr Jack Daniels

#79 Mr JD - view on black.

Alcohol, a good playlist and free ipod speakers. Threesome at its best.

Notice the new watermark. It is all part of my new branding and business approach. I'll be doing more freelance work in photogaphy and design. hopefully, my main concentration will be mostly on wedding portraiture and couple's portraiture. I look forward to creating great images with great people.

However, I hope I won't be neglecting my Project 365 much.
Image OOC.

Strobist info: 1 HVL F42 on camera right with Full CTO to emulate tungsten table light. Pen Tungsten torch light on ipod dials.

.me is camwhore with friends.

pictures say it all. we had a bitchin time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

.Congrats to Petrus & Danee.

Congratulations to Petrus & Danee who got hitched on Saturday 20th June 2009.

Petrus is a long friend of mine since I was 14 I think. I knew him when I was 13 but I think we became friends when I was 14. Yeah, high school does take some getting used to. On his wedding day, I was there to share this event. These are some of the pictures of the couple portraiture.
Wedding day pictures will be posted soon.

I had limited time for these shots due to the fact that it was HOT and HAZY and they're all tired. We ended up only shooting 30 minutes of real portraiture. The rest was spent driving back and forth as well as waiting for the other photog to pose them. I only had a few poses and that was it. Its a wrap for coffee :) I prefer my images contrasty which is why these pictures might seem a tad contrasty.

Image shot in TUDM, Teluk Air Tawar and Pantai Bersih... I think. Along the BORR.

They were a bundle of laughs and I wish them all the best in their life. And have lots of babies.

Enjoy their adamantium infused awesomeness.

view full set & size in my flickr.

Friday, June 19, 2009

.raksasa lawan makhluk asing.

Minggu lepas gua pergi tengok filem ini dengan awek cantik. Kami mengantuk.


Mungkin kalau kami tengok dalam 3dimensi, filem ini masih boleh diselamatkan lagi. Tapi gua masih rasa skeptical.

Sedang filem berjalan, awek sebelah gua cakap dia nak tengok filem "17 sekali lagi" dilakoni Zac Efron. Yang ajaibnya, gua setuju dengan awek sebelah gua. 17 SEKALI LAGI dilakoni ZAC EFRON.

Ya, elak "Raksasa LWN Makhluk Asing". Nanti anda mengidam Zac Efron.

Sambil gua keluar dari panggung wayang, gua nampak poster "Raksasa LWN Makhluk Asing". Gua tunggu semua berjalan keluar. Kemudian gua ludah atas raksasa.

Sekarang hati gua lega sikit.

Biar air ludah gua peram atas poster membusukkan satu pawagam.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

.project 365 now mostly in FLICKR.

From now on, most of my 365 will be posted in Flickr (see right side bar). Mainly because I will be focusing more on quality rather than quantity. As time progresses, I find it harder to make time and create the images I want. I cannot stress more on the importance of making images that we want vs making images that appeal to the client.

I may not post images each day but rest assured I will try my best. Occasionally I will post the images onto my blog but my blog will be mainly about things that inspire me and happenings in my life. It will revert back to my projects and happenings instead of using a picture to describe a topic.

To view more images that I like in my flickr, click here.

p/s: I will be taking pictures of my mate's wedding this Saturday, so hopefully I'll get the whole series up. It will be part of my portfolio. Yes, I'm building a slow but elaborate portfolio.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.mati kebuluran.

Poket gua hanya ada RM150 saja untuk bulan ini.
Gua pagi tadi tak makan.
Petang pun kunyah roti canai dua keping.
Kuah gua pekena dua mangkuk sebab ubi kentang sup nampak cam besh aje.

Habis kerja gua nak balik masak Maggi atau pekena ape-ape yang mak masak.

Sebelum balik, gua singgah gerai Pak Chong. Pak Chong macam member lama gua. Gua belum sampai dia sudah tertunggu-tunggu gua dalam gerai.

Gua jamah rambutan sambil tunggu Pak Chong. Kebetulan Pak Chong beli rambutan, dia beri gua dua ulas. Gua kopek rambutan macam King Kong nampak semut. Dalam hati gua kata "kontrol lapar".

Gua tengok koleksi yang nak dijual Pak Chong.

"Itu, ini, itu dan yang gua pegang ini" jawab gua kepada Pak Chong.

Pak Chong bungkus dalam beg plastik warna pink dengan corak hati. Entah apa dah jadi dengan beg plastik hitam. Sekarang, biar nak kotorkan dunia pun kotorkan ngan cara "kiut".

Gua bayar Pak Chong dan masuk balik kereta.

Sambil gua pandu kereta, gua fikir...

"DVD, RM45. Mati kebuluran sambil tengok DVD esok hari, tak ternilai"

p/s: Gua check poket karang ni... tinggal RM53 sahaja untuk bulan ini. Amacam? Ada sumbangan kepada yang memerlukan, sila email gua.


Day Seventy Six - Now all I need is a healthy ovum.

Inspired from this episode:

I guess the video above says it all. Damn hilarious I tell you. Sheldon was banking on the concept of gift reciprocation whereby he is obliged to return the gift with something of a similar value. He bought the lot of bath essentials to correlate the price of the item he will be getting and then choosing the relevant present for reciprocation. But I guess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy for a Star Trek fanatic is too much to handle.

Strobistas: One HVL-F42 strobed @ 1/16 24mm bottom of subject.

#76 DNA + Healthy Ovum - original image

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Seventy Five - Zoom Portrait

I know I've not been strobing much but lately life has been really busy. Crazy busy. I've been watching"The Big Bang Theory" Season 2 and Sheldon is hilarious. Maybe I'll do something sci-fi next week in light of my new obsession. "Rock Paper Scissors Lizards Spock".

This Saturday I might be shooting my friend's wedding and more than anything, I wish to make spectacular images. If not for me then for him.

Enjoy this image manipulation. Simple zoom effect and some simple HDR effect.

The flash on camera is to trigger the off camera flash. Kinda like Nikon's CLS. I've taped a strip of exposed film on it to offset the light. Now it fires without affecting the image. Cheap man's strobist I know...

#75 Zoom Portrait - original image

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day Seventy Four - Tweet

Web 2.0 has brought to light twitter among numerous other social networking episodes. Twitter is fast becoming the interaction tool for everyone. Ashton Kutcher got his first million follower surpassing CNN. Marketing at its best I say.

A lot of photogs are tweeting and a load of other content specialist are chirping in the world wide web. Are you chirping yet?

Image in PDA by Pasquale D’Silva. Another texture try.

Strobistas: Strobe on wall camera right to create high key effect.

#74 Tweet - view in black

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two days in a post...

Day Seventy Two - Fish Bait

This little bugger is in my car for close to three years and over the time my ride has been involved in numerous accidents.

A couple of months ago, after my ride came out of the workshop... I decided not to continue its contract. Now, it is a display in my room.

I suspect the doodoll is a bad luck charm in my car. Either that or I'm the bad luck charm and I just refuse to listen to the latter.

Strobobistas: HVL F42 @ 1/32 @ 24mm with Stofen diffuser 1 feet away from subject on camera left (obviously).

#72 Fish bait - original image


Day Seventy Three - Day gone

I was supposed to shoot a Model show today but I had to cancel it because my friend came all the way from a distant state to visit Penang.

She's such a cool mate I had to bring her out for a tour of Penang nightlife. Thus, another day gone with not much of a photoshoot. I regretted not taking any picture with her cos most probably we'll not meet again. We were too occupied with the sightseeing... :)

No strobes were fired in the making of this shot.

#73 Day gone - original image

Friday, June 12, 2009

.things i do not wish for my country.

Here are some things I hope will not happen to our country. I love it, but time and time again, it disappoints me. I dread the future with the current direction it is heading towards.

1. International movies/concerts/displays/galleries getting censored due to certain disagreeable contents.
The over-enforcement of censorship. Come on, we're all adults. While there are teenagers out there, we should handle the core of the problem. Restricting imagination and media is not the way to go in order to enforce discipline. In fact I think it propels rebellion.

2. Girls unable to display individual preference over their way of dressing.
I read today that somewhere in Lucknow, India, they are banning women from wearing jeans to avoid themselves from being harassed by men. I think this is utterly ridiculous, while skimpy clothing and bare skin is frowned upon in Asian countries and not widely accepted like their Western counterparts, I think restricting individuality is a very wrong way to go about this. We shouldn't ban or blame women for the uncivilized actions of the male counterpart. While I read this happening in a remote area of India, I think some of our political party is sliding towards that area to garner extremist support. I've even heard political figures in Malaysia blaming women for being raped. This should stop. period.

3. I am afraid to go out in the night because I paid for useless protection.
We pay taxes for our safety. The police should act responsibly at our beckoning even though it is a minor offense. Snatch theft, piracy, loanshark and motor-rascals are rampant and widespread in this country. I do not see this agenda taking a turn for the better. Yes, as soon as someone dies and are reported nationwide through print and broadcast media, the police force and political figures gear up. But they play the agenda down by the second month. By the third month, they move on to other catchy topics like the most recent kidnapping and so on so forth. I think the police force should be run like a multi-national company, employ CEOs of Motorola, Toyota or Honda. They would definitely change a thing or two in the police force. If a company can control companies spread worldwide with such efficiency and employ good quality control, why can't our country care for its people?

4. The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.
We do not measure the success of a country by how rich the rich is getting but how well the poor is living. I believe the babying of certain people in this country especially people who know people up in the hierarchy are overplayed. Our forefathers created the national contract to protect the poor as they are abundant. These aborigines need our support in order for them to leave where ever they are (rural areas) and settle in a better environment. Instead some people are exploiting this contract to garner support for their political agenda and to fuel their wealth. While wealth is good and certainly a measure of success, it does not measure our worthiness. We are measured by our friends for the things that matter. We are measured by the changes we make.

What disappoints you in this country?


Day Seventy One - Trailing Lights

I've been messing with textures a bit and doing some editing as well as trying out some font typesetting. I've no idea what to do with these textures I have. I'm not really into textures and over-editing but I just wanted to learn it in case it comes in handy in future. Truthfully, textures are a lot of blending and mixing as well as some dodging and burning, that's all. But perfecting it is really hard. Harder than I initially expected. Adding in subjects are the worst. I suck so bad at it I think I'll never make composite images.

I'll keep on practising but today I'm using a textured bokehistan image for day seventy one as a documentation.

#71 Trailing lights - view in black.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

.layan filem.

Semalam gua baca suratkhabar. Selepas baca, gua buat keputusan nak layan filem malam ini. Segala persiapan sudah dibuat. Checklist yang semalam aku tulis pun telah digariskan.

Popcorn - dah beli

Minuman ringan - dah beli

Kerusi malas - dah ada

Headphone - dah sedia

DVD RM12 - dah beli

Malam ini gua layan si Hayden Kho Jr dan Katrina Halili. Caya, jgn tak caya.

Gambar? Projek 365? Apa lagi, gua tangguh Day Seventy One dulu untuk layan filem besh ini.
Katrina Halili is a Filipina actress and commericial model and the only Filipina to win the FHM Philippines' 100 Sexiest two years in a row. Hayden Kho is well known Filipino comestic doctor who at the time of this video was in a highly publicized relationship with one of the Philippines' top cosmetic doctor Vicky Belo.
Bila anak Najib nak buat filem? Gua mesti layan jugak.

Gurau aje... Gua mana beli DVD, gua sekarang high-tech pakai broadband muat turun.


Day Sixty Nine & Seventy Zero - Dedication to Marilyn Monroe

Here are some pictures I conjured from ashes for Day Sixty Nine and Day Seventy Zero. *_^

Today's two images are dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. One of the greatest stars of all time. I think her portraitures are all great and I take great inspiration from her pictures.

I'm sure all of us remember her infamous wind blown skirt pose. Classic. Epitomized sexiness.

Strobed with fireball @ 1/1 fired via god.

#69 Chanel No 5 - original image

#70 Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars - view in black

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day Sixty Eight - ASIMO by HONDA

Its the return of the dreaded ASIMO. I need to make count so that it doesn't return too often. But somehow I love the little bugger. In real life, the walking life size mother fucking rolly polly is even cuter.

Strobofreaks: HVL F42 fired @ 1/32 24mm on snoot @ camera right.

# 68 ASIMO - view in black.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day Sixty Seven - Beauty killed the beast

One of my old pictures. Decided to try different treatments and processing. This turned out good and a couple more. I'll be posting them up in intervals.

No strobist info. Artificial lights provided free of charge via god and hotel management.

#67 Beauty killed the beast - view in black


Day Sixty Six - Misunderstood Light

There's no such thing as bad light, just misunderstood light. by Don McCullin.

One of the greatest quote which I now stand by in photography. Light has changed the way I see things. As I learn more and more about strobing and composing images using natural or artificial light...I begin to enjoy lighting qualities. I'm learning a great deal on the uses of lights.

Strobist info: One big fireball fired @ 1/1 via God.

#66 Misunderstood light - view in black

Monday, June 8, 2009

.feeling lethargic.

It has been a crazy weekend. Managed to meet up with Leng, my operations manager and SinfulPei. On top of that, pimped out my apartment with some lights, visited the rooftop garden in my KL apartment. The view is to die for, but then again.. isn't every rooftop garden in KL.

both images powered by my trusty Motorola Razr V9

Then on Sat night, me and CBeng went out to the Curve (I think I visited Damansara the Curve, Ikea and Ikano three freaking times in two days. THREE FREAKING times. The only consolation was... it is quite near my place).

We hanged out @ The Sanctuary and we saw this crazy hawt chick who dances and sings as if she owns the stage. Really cute not beautiful kind of girl. Ones with attitude. Can't blame us if we have only eyes for her. The others were killing us. Beer and harsh lighting couldn't make it better. Seriously.

Should have hanged out @ The Laundry Italiannies or Apartment. But it was great and I ended up back in my apartment @ 3.30 am for some well deserved shut eye.

At that time, I was already 85% beer and 15% crap.

After the ride back early Sunday morning, I'm still feeling lethargic on a Monday morning. Seriously... roadtrips are overrated.


Day Sixty Five - Vespa

I'm in love with Vespa, especially the Piaggio version. I think I've numerous Vespa t-shirts cause I think Vespa says something. More of like a fashion statement.

Or maybe I'm old and into these oldies culture. First it was the retro look, then Vespa, previously the Delorean DMC.

All of which are so cool and a bit nerdy. OMFG nerd alert.

Strobist info: 1 Pen Torch light on camera front slightly to the right of VF.

#65 Vespa Ride - original image


(POSt iMG) Day Sixty - Fear

Eva codenamed Archangel. Toy gracefully pocketed from SillySeng.

This concludes the post image for day sixty. Sorry it took me so long, life caught up. The rest will be uploaded in intervals.

Have a happy Monday!

Strobofreaks: F42 on camera left shooting upwards to project shadow on wall.

#60 Fear - original image

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Sixty Four - Love

I took this out of desperation yesterday. Came out with a concept and executed it. Took me a few shots and on the way learned a few things. The flower is a present from bro to my little sis. She celebrated her birthday on June 1st. So, Happy birthday girl. You're 20 now. Yes, its all over the internet.

Yesterday I went to watch Terminator Salvation and despite what many might/will say, I think it's really good. I've always loved Christian Bale.

Once I get the time for it, I'm thinking of doing an image manipulation for T-Salvation. Hope it'd turn out real cool.

Strobovillains: 1 f42 on camera right behind subject snooted on subject @ 24mm 1/32.

#64 Love - original image


I'll be heading over to KL tonight or early tomorrow morning. I don't know whether I can post for Day Sixty Five , Sixty Six or Sixty Seven but once I'm back I'll compile all backdated images, its a promise. For now, the pictures will have to accumulate till I'm back, then I can post them one shot. Sorry, but I guess it can't be helped much. Life happens.

Love, jimmy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day Sixty Three - Geisha

Zhang Ziyi from Memoirs of a Geisha... HAWT.

I'm in love with Japanese culture. ASIMO, Danbo, Domokun, Onitsuka, Sony... most of them shout Jap. Of course I love my MAC, my Levi's and maybe a bunch of other products which did not originate from Japan too. But I still fav Japanese culture.

BON ODORI (Jap ghost festival) will be held in Penang next month. Most probably on July 18th.

Get your gear ready strobovillains.

1 F42 1/32 @ 24mm snooted 3" on camera right with white card on subject front to fill in with a bit of rim light.

#63 Geisha - view in black


Day Fifty Nine - Out Of Focus

A post shot for Day Fifty Nine. Sorry for the late post but on day 59 & 60, I was dead sick and couldn't come out of bed. As promised yesterday, I went out for a short walk and tried shooting this empty stall. The focused look didn't come out as how I liked it.

So I turned MF and made it a bit OOF. Perfect.

Now I shall head home and take a long nap. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my biggest client in McDonalds. My biggest freaking client wants to meet in Uncle Ronald's restaurant. WTF?

#59 Out of focus - original image

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ah Long Pt Ltd

Gua ada satu soalan....

Kalo gua pinjam member rempit gua duit dengan "interest" yang melampau... adakah gua juga "Ah Long"?

Semalam gua pinjam Areef seposen.
Lima minit kemudian, dia pulangkan gua dua posen.

Lima minit gua kenakan member rempit gua 100 peratus "interest".

Semalam gua gembira. Hari ini gua buka suratkhabar, kaki lenguh bergetar. Polis nak letak gambar gua depan suratkhabar esok kah?


Day Sixty Two - Sarutobi

I created this against a backdrop of alcohol. You can click on the original image link for the notes.

Again, I'm not ready for an outing yet. Still feeling dizzy but I'll try to make it tomorrow for a night of shooting. *_^

The monkey was a gift from genki sushi and its sooo cute.I used to have it in my car as a permanent display but now, its stuck in my room.

Strobophotogs: 1 f42 with CTG @ 1/32 @ 24mm camera left.

p/s: times like this I wish I had another strobe acting as a rim light.

#62 Sarutobi - original image

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...