Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day Sixty Four - Love

I took this out of desperation yesterday. Came out with a concept and executed it. Took me a few shots and on the way learned a few things. The flower is a present from bro to my little sis. She celebrated her birthday on June 1st. So, Happy birthday girl. You're 20 now. Yes, its all over the internet.

Yesterday I went to watch Terminator Salvation and despite what many might/will say, I think it's really good. I've always loved Christian Bale.

Once I get the time for it, I'm thinking of doing an image manipulation for T-Salvation. Hope it'd turn out real cool.

Strobovillains: 1 f42 on camera right behind subject snooted on subject @ 24mm 1/32.

#64 Love - original image


I'll be heading over to KL tonight or early tomorrow morning. I don't know whether I can post for Day Sixty Five , Sixty Six or Sixty Seven but once I'm back I'll compile all backdated images, its a promise. For now, the pictures will have to accumulate till I'm back, then I can post them one shot. Sorry, but I guess it can't be helped much. Life happens.

Love, jimmy.

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