.things i do not wish for my country.

Here are some things I hope will not happen to our country. I love it, but time and time again, it disappoints me. I dread the future with the current direction it is heading towards.

1. International movies/concerts/displays/galleries getting censored due to certain disagreeable contents.
The over-enforcement of censorship. Come on, we're all adults. While there are teenagers out there, we should handle the core of the problem. Restricting imagination and media is not the way to go in order to enforce discipline. In fact I think it propels rebellion.

2. Girls unable to display individual preference over their way of dressing.
I read today that somewhere in Lucknow, India, they are banning women from wearing jeans to avoid themselves from being harassed by men. I think this is utterly ridiculous, while skimpy clothing and bare skin is frowned upon in Asian countries and not widely accepted like their Western counterparts, I think restricting individuality is a very wrong way to go about this. We shouldn't ban or blame women for the uncivilized actions of the male counterpart. While I read this happening in a remote area of India, I think some of our political party is sliding towards that area to garner extremist support. I've even heard political figures in Malaysia blaming women for being raped. This should stop. period.

3. I am afraid to go out in the night because I paid for useless protection.
We pay taxes for our safety. The police should act responsibly at our beckoning even though it is a minor offense. Snatch theft, piracy, loanshark and motor-rascals are rampant and widespread in this country. I do not see this agenda taking a turn for the better. Yes, as soon as someone dies and are reported nationwide through print and broadcast media, the police force and political figures gear up. But they play the agenda down by the second month. By the third month, they move on to other catchy topics like the most recent kidnapping and so on so forth. I think the police force should be run like a multi-national company, employ CEOs of Motorola, Toyota or Honda. They would definitely change a thing or two in the police force. If a company can control companies spread worldwide with such efficiency and employ good quality control, why can't our country care for its people?

4. The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.
We do not measure the success of a country by how rich the rich is getting but how well the poor is living. I believe the babying of certain people in this country especially people who know people up in the hierarchy are overplayed. Our forefathers created the national contract to protect the poor as they are abundant. These aborigines need our support in order for them to leave where ever they are (rural areas) and settle in a better environment. Instead some people are exploiting this contract to garner support for their political agenda and to fuel their wealth. While wealth is good and certainly a measure of success, it does not measure our worthiness. We are measured by our friends for the things that matter. We are measured by the changes we make.

What disappoints you in this country?


Day Seventy One - Trailing Lights

I've been messing with textures a bit and doing some editing as well as trying out some font typesetting. I've no idea what to do with these textures I have. I'm not really into textures and over-editing but I just wanted to learn it in case it comes in handy in future. Truthfully, textures are a lot of blending and mixing as well as some dodging and burning, that's all. But perfecting it is really hard. Harder than I initially expected. Adding in subjects are the worst. I suck so bad at it I think I'll never make composite images.

I'll keep on practising but today I'm using a textured bokehistan image for day seventy one as a documentation.

#71 Trailing lights - view in black.
June 11, 2009


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