Two days in a post...

Day Seventy Two - Fish Bait

This little bugger is in my car for close to three years and over the time my ride has been involved in numerous accidents.

A couple of months ago, after my ride came out of the workshop... I decided not to continue its contract. Now, it is a display in my room.

I suspect the doodoll is a bad luck charm in my car. Either that or I'm the bad luck charm and I just refuse to listen to the latter.

Strobobistas: HVL F42 @ 1/32 @ 24mm with Stofen diffuser 1 feet away from subject on camera left (obviously).

#72 Fish bait - original image


Day Seventy Three - Day gone

I was supposed to shoot a Model show today but I had to cancel it because my friend came all the way from a distant state to visit Penang.

She's such a cool mate I had to bring her out for a tour of Penang nightlife. Thus, another day gone with not much of a photoshoot. I regretted not taking any picture with her cos most probably we'll not meet again. We were too occupied with the sightseeing... :)

No strobes were fired in the making of this shot.

#73 Day gone - original image
June 13, 2009


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