.meeting chicks online?

Edz: You should add her in FB. She's under my friends.

Me: Can't I just meet her and say hello? I'm not really an advocate of online meeting and all. Feels awkward and nerdy.

Edz: Hahaha. Then you always update your FB like all the time. Not advocate my arse. Hahahaha... ~

Me: I like the internet and I love social media but I'm not really a fan of meeting girls/chicks online.

Edz: ...hahahahaha... ~

Me: I prefer face to face meet ups.

Edz: ...hahahahaha... ~

Me: (Silence...)

Edz: ...hahahaha... ~

Believe me, I was sucker punching him in my mind. I have vivid imaginations. By the time he finished the 15th *haha*, he was already losing a tooth and his nose was bleeding.

Haha my arse.

*Inspired by a true story. Ask Edz.*
June 27, 2009


Syeida Alli said…
kalau macam ni lambat lagi la jimmy nak kawen
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
kawen after 40. suruh cari awek, dia akan jawab dengan penuh simple.. itu tak boleh ini tak boleh, i suka dia tapi tak boleh, i syiok kat dia tapi tak boleh, macam macam hal...
Jimmy Ang said…
syeida.. Esok lepas Isyrak gua nak kahwin dah. Sila datang.

Edz, jgn cari pasal. Nanti gua merealisasikan mimpi gua. LOL.
ndru said…
we know when u see girls u r so shy..
Anonymous said…
shy to the max...........

Jimmy Ang said…
okay 1 word....



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