Ah Long Pt Ltd

Gua ada satu soalan....

Kalo gua pinjam member rempit gua duit dengan "interest" yang melampau... adakah gua juga "Ah Long"?

Semalam gua pinjam Areef seposen.
Lima minit kemudian, dia pulangkan gua dua posen.

Lima minit gua kenakan member rempit gua 100 peratus "interest".

Semalam gua gembira. Hari ini gua buka suratkhabar, kaki lenguh bergetar. Polis nak letak gambar gua depan suratkhabar esok kah?


Day Sixty Two - Sarutobi

I created this against a backdrop of alcohol. You can click on the original image link for the notes.

Again, I'm not ready for an outing yet. Still feeling dizzy but I'll try to make it tomorrow for a night of shooting. *_^

The monkey was a gift from genki sushi and its sooo cute.I used to have it in my car as a permanent display but now, its stuck in my room.

Strobophotogs: 1 f42 with CTG @ 1/32 @ 24mm camera left.

p/s: times like this I wish I had another strobe acting as a rim light.

#62 Sarutobi - original image
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June 1, 2009


PepperLok said…
why u sold your f36 at first place?
Jimmy Ang said…
Sold it to fund RICE.
Samantha said…
I like the beruk. I want one too!
Jimmy Ang said…
Sam, you already have Denny. Dun be greedy.
Samantha said…
but Denny is not beruk ><. I want that beruk LOL


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