Day Sixty Seven - Beauty killed the beast

One of my old pictures. Decided to try different treatments and processing. This turned out good and a couple more. I'll be posting them up in intervals.

No strobist info. Artificial lights provided free of charge via god and hotel management.

#67 Beauty killed the beast - view in black


Day Sixty Six - Misunderstood Light

There's no such thing as bad light, just misunderstood light. by Don McCullin.

One of the greatest quote which I now stand by in photography. Light has changed the way I see things. As I learn more and more about strobing and composing images using natural or artificial light...I begin to enjoy lighting qualities. I'm learning a great deal on the uses of lights.

Strobist info: One big fireball fired @ 1/1 via God.

#66 Misunderstood light - view in black
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June 8, 2009


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