Day Seventy Five - Zoom Portrait

I know I've not been strobing much but lately life has been really busy. Crazy busy. I've been watching"The Big Bang Theory" Season 2 and Sheldon is hilarious. Maybe I'll do something sci-fi next week in light of my new obsession. "Rock Paper Scissors Lizards Spock".

This Saturday I might be shooting my friend's wedding and more than anything, I wish to make spectacular images. If not for me then for him.

Enjoy this image manipulation. Simple zoom effect and some simple HDR effect.

The flash on camera is to trigger the off camera flash. Kinda like Nikon's CLS. I've taped a strip of exposed film on it to offset the light. Now it fires without affecting the image. Cheap man's strobist I know...

#75 Zoom Portrait - original image
Project 365
June 16, 2009


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