.project 365 now mostly in FLICKR.

From now on, most of my 365 will be posted in Flickr (see right side bar). Mainly because I will be focusing more on quality rather than quantity. As time progresses, I find it harder to make time and create the images I want. I cannot stress more on the importance of making images that we want vs making images that appeal to the client.

I may not post images each day but rest assured I will try my best. Occasionally I will post the images onto my blog but my blog will be mainly about things that inspire me and happenings in my life. It will revert back to my projects and happenings instead of using a picture to describe a topic.

To view more images that I like in my flickr, click here.

p/s: I will be taking pictures of my mate's wedding this Saturday, so hopefully I'll get the whole series up. It will be part of my portfolio. Yes, I'm building a slow but elaborate portfolio.
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June 18, 2009


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