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.happy new year.


.laughing out loud.

GOD asked a civil engineer, "What mistake did I commit in designing a woman?" The engineer replied, "Sir, the entertainment...

.chain mail my ass.

i can't believe i got this from my friendster's msg list.... "THIS IS A TOAST.... 2 US... FOR THE MEN WHO HAVE US, THE LOSERS ...

.quote of the day.

"Life is not the amount of breaths you take , it's the moments that take your breath away." the moments that take your breat...
.a review of Eragon.

.a review of Eragon.

from left to right : dumb gaylord, dumb king, broom, eragon the 16 year old fart, arya the unlucky 1000 year old gf of a 16 year old's f...


p/s: i read today's paper and i think angelina jolie's an angel. an angel with luscious lips. i really do.

.filler post.

i seem to have a writer's block. and the god damn connection is sooooo freaking slow it's burning my brains. maybe blog later.

.quote of the day.

sometimes truth is not what you see but what you feel. but most of the time, it's what you see.

.spreading the love.

i'm always at the office. people kept asking me... "why aren't you at home?" "you went to the fucking cinema when yo...

.christmas gone and new year resolution.

christmas just passed under my nose. but i got an invitation to a party. just didn't feel like going. i guess spending time with mom ca...

.love is.

love is sharing the same drink, even if it's not from the same cup. love is lending her your jacket, even if your cold to the bones. l...

.christmas giving.

i've yet to tell anyone about this incident because it never warranted any telling. besides, i'm always forgetful. i've always w...

.quote of the day.

have you ever hoped so much for so little that when you got what you hoped for, you'd just regret hoping for it in the first place.


u guys know what the macauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever gave me? it gave me chicken in a box. yeah, chickenpox. fuck it.

.machauhaicheebyepukimaklanjiao fever.

i was soo machauhai cheebye pukimak lanjiao sick yesterday that i have to go back and sleep. and sleep i did for the whole day. it was a to...


i'm so fucking sick it's insane and totally not funny. let me get this work done with and then i can go back and sleep.

.quote of the day.

Life is all about being happy and confident. So is drugs.

.women is the weaker sex?

the issue of female as the weaker sex has never ceased to be the talk of politicians. and if i were to hear them from one of our dumb polit...

.MTV rocks my sawks!

yesterday, i was having a cuppa coffee with Mais, MC and JollyYeap. it seems that our first schoolmate from high school is getting married t...

.quote of the day.

I've decided to keep my quote of the day available for future searches or future reference cause i find them damn good when i need it. h...


My dog went grooming yesterday. OMG, she's so cute with her ribbons! Even mumsy couldn't control her emotions and decided to hug B...

.the blues.

i was busy tick-tacking my thumbs on my handphone trying to stick to the conversation. i'm damn tired but i don't want to lose this ...

.christmas anyone?

what to do on Christmas for Christmas? scratching my head now.... suggestions?
.SKOL shapeshifters.

.SKOL shapeshifters.

i'm never drinking beer why? Ok, let me think now, it all began yesterday. me and my family went to 'Pantai Bersih' which is ext...


if there ever was a solution to everything in this life, it is called 'reformat'. yes, i've had dozens of people asking me what...

.filler post.

yesterday we held a celebration for honeybee cause her birthday's coming soon. first, we went to seawind to have a couple of beers. sea...

.attack of the rain.

he zooms around in his superbike. i look at envy at his bike. what a cool guy, i thought. his bike was plowing the roads even though it wa...

.wish come true.

catwen is back and we went out for yamcha yesterday. see how effective my blog post is? grants my wishes in like... half a day. i hope i c...


everyday damn sien.... work work work, no place to go and no one to go out with... someone pls call me and ask me out b4 i go crazy.... any...


4 months old and already a smokaholic.

.cure headaches instantly.

there are weird excuses that kids can come up with when they refuse to study. so it didn't came as a surprise to me throughout my years...


fireangel 's got the white sexyback . i've got the black now. kewl.

.droopy jolt.

i was alone. sitting here listening to the song that i've played and heard a thousand times. the song never fails to impress me. my h...

.sooo freaking tired.

i'm soooo freaking tired from yesterday's bbq party. i didn't take pictures but my friends took loads. i think i'll be too ...

.burkina faso donates money to me.


.i'm going for the bbq party tonight.

so, urm post pictures and more details tomorrow or sometime soon? buh bye!


.filler post.

after struggling around for so long, it's finally friday. not long before monday right? *sigh*


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