Saturday, October 29, 2005

.in penang.

I'm in Penang! yeay! Penang! Wanna go shopping now! with mum!

most probably means everything paid! muahahaha! how da evil am I?

kthxbai. :)

Friday, October 28, 2005

.sanctuary of thoughts.

water, mizu. that's what they call it in japanese, mizu.

hontoni sugoiidesune.

yes, i love water. the sound of it splashing on my body. i love hiding myself in the shower at times. wondering what to do with life. thinking about the myths of life and solving the problems in this world. I succumb under the splash which washes me of my dirt and cleanses my soul.

flowery right?

anyway, i just love bathing. it's not just the act of showering myself with tons of water. it's the feeling of comfort i get whenever i submerge or feel the water flowing.

I treat my bathroom (albeit a bit dirrrrty....) as my sanctuary. my sanctuary of thoughts. this is the place where i go to when i am troubled.. except the bank or my room. I love the silence that I get in a bathroom. I don't know why but it somehow refreshes my energy. it won't matter much if i emerge the way i went it (without any revelation or solution to any problem) but just by being in the bathroom, the silence is nice. a change from the buzzing world i live in.

i have problems at my age. i used to think that the world is carefree ya know? that almost everything is as easy as picking up grass from the roadside. I used to think that the world might die, but it won't die in my time, so what's to bother?

but i'm wrong. life isn't easy. there's hardly any grass at the roadside, even if there is, time is too limited for me to stop my car and get down so that i can pick up a grass. and the world might not die in my time but it could in my child's time.

whenever i'm in the shower, i think about the past, the present and the future. usually more on the present. but still i was in the bathroom just now. having my bath after a haircut gone awry... i think my head is justifiable for a halloween mask!

back to the topic at hand..

i was having my bath when i thought about how long it has been since i stop time. Not as in stop time literally but stop time so that i can move slower. take things one step at a time. everything's moving so fast now. everything's one click away. gone were the days where i need to cycle to the morning market or night market. everyone gets it from the superstore now. those big gigantic air conditioned (this i applaud) superstore who has everything including your money and your time.

Time saving is an important factor now. We can no longer tolerate queues. We would take the extra mile just to avoid the queue. How many times did we stop to look at the rain, the sky, the bird, the dog next door who has been biting your god damn shoes..(sorry). everything's soooo fast paced. even the children.

we see children as young as 10 years old going to tuitions. swimming, piano and all sorts of classes. where's the fun in childhood?

What next? Constrain children to the house with their only viable source of entertainment, computer? I know the road is no longer safe, the field is no longer clean and pretty. i know education is important, i know all that. I was a child, a student, a teenager.. i was all that and maybe still am.

but i remember that the best memories are not the ones spent alone in front of the computer, or rushing to my tuition, swimming classes. The best days are spent with mom and dad, not going shopping in some supermarket or not even going to a long vacation.. the best memories are the small things like hearing them come back with food, bringing me to the market, taking us all out to the night market. even caning us.

those are the memories that we remember. i don't remember the days i spent with him in some superstore, but i do remember building the dog house, repairing the stairs, going to factories, eating nasi lemak or laksa in some road side stall.

will these places still be available for my kids? or do i have to take them to some superstore to get the best vegetables without even knowing who planted it. i don't make connections there. i don't bargain there. everything's fixed. even the memories. go, buy, pay , out.

time really passes by faster now i'm older but i hope i can stop to smell the grass once in a while, look at the trees and the skies once in a while. and smile once in a while too. then after that, maybe i need a long awaited rest knowing that all the beautiful things in life are free. and they truly are.

.if i have superpowers.

it would be super speed.

I mean, WTF kind of a power is super speed? The only person having super speed that I know of is "The Dash". And look at him, he's brash, obnoxious, eksyen and foul mouthed....

hey, that's me!

Now I can imagine so many things I can do with my newfound power.

1. Finish my work and go back home before lunch time.
2. Type with super ultra speed so that I can finish this god damn post in like, 5 seconds.
3. Rob a bank and retire.
4. Go for running tournaments.
5. Save money on oil. HAHAHA! This one I like!
6. Have sex in ultra speed time.
7. Create my own 5 minutes postage company.
8. Terrorize mankind.
9. Stop school and go to sleep everyday. Who needs to work when you've got superpowers?!
10. Talk in ultra speed mode whenever someone nags me! hahahaha!

Explanation: Your power has made you move faster than any living thing and it gives great advantage in stressful times. The power could however make you want everything to happen at once and you tend to get bored with people easily that way. In good purposes the power could save those who are e.g. falling of a building. In negative purposes however they can do almost anything (steal, kill etc) without being seen.

As a person you show the world a cocky side of yourself. You act as if you're the greatest thing God has made and like making rude and sarcastic comment to peers. However you can also be fun to be with and bring an easy atmosphere as well as a tense one. You are tough and don't give up easy and is somewhat self centered. That does not mean you don't care for others. You want to be recognized as a smart/strong/talented person that you strive to be. You have insecurity inside that you don't want to show, but you are independant and want to do things on your own.

Negative aspects:
People could get easily annoyed at you if you show your cocky sides more than your good side. You also have a I-don't-care attitude that could push people away.

Ain't I "THE DASH" ?

Now, who's next?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

.trying to play god.

yes, there is one way human can play god. think about it, what is the one thing that makes god so special? the ability to give life. and he does not take credit for it. he hides behind some ensemble cast up in the heaven and just watches us as we praise and give thanks to him. but he doesn't come down and ask you kiss his foot or ask us to repay him with money or even our soul.

he gave it to us and we can do the same thing, selfless sacrifice.

every year, almost every day, people die because of diseases which canot be cured but they can be saved. by just a simple act of god from us. no, we do not wave our wand and play witchcraft or wizardry like Harry Potter. We sacrifice. This is the ultimate act. Selfless sacrifice. No, you're not god. And it can hardly be called playing god.. but you can feel how it feels like to give LIFE. giving LIFE to other people.

Even before you close your eyes, you know you'll live on. Not as you, yourself but as someone else. But you still live on.
From the Buddhist point of view, the donation of organs after one's death for the purpose of restoring the life of another human being constitutes an act of charity, the foundation of a spiritual or religious way of life.

Buddhism POV - DANA is the Pali term for charity or generosity. The perfection of this virtue can be achieved in three ways.

  1. the giving or sharing of material things or worldly possessions;
  2. the offering of one's own bodily organs after death; and
  3. the offering of one's services for a worthy cause, even to the extent of sacrificing one's own life for the well being and happiness of others in need.
Christian POV - The Holy Bible makes a clear distinction between the resurrected body (for the next life) and our earthly bodies. Our earthly bodies serve a useful purpose for this present life alone and has no relevant function in the life to come. Therefore, if the usefulness of our bodily organs can be extended beyond our own earthly existence for the benefit of those who remain here, we should do all we can to make this possible.

Hinduism POV -Hinduism is a religion of Love. All Hindu dogmas and activities are based on Love, towards all living beings. Based on this philosophy of love, great Hindu saints have done noble acts of charity, for us to emulate. For example:
  1. The saintly emperor Chivy donated his own flesh to a hunter
  2. Maharishi Dedisi donated his own bones to make a weapon called Vajrayutham for the benefit of mankind
  3. Saint Kannappar gave his own eyes to Lord Shiva
Islamic POV - It was narrated that during the battles of Badr and Uhud in A.D. 624 and 625, Prophet Muhammad reattached the detached eye of Qatada ibn Noman, and the severed hands of Muawith ibn Afra and Habib ibn Yusof. Muslim jurists, such as Al-Imam Nawawi and Asshirbini, are known to have sanctioned transplantation of teeth and bones.

There is no religion against organ donation and do you really care how people will look at you after you die?

Or do you care how the boy in the hospital bed will feel?

It's not a matter of playing god. but a satisfaction of giving LIFE.

fucking click this picture and help me plug this great cause can or not? har?

.crabs for RM15.

*not for the puasa* or the faint hearted...

the other day i went to Pantai Lido to get some freaking "ikan bakar" cause my fucking friend recommended it. It was better than a lot of other places but nothing freaking fantastic.

plus it's damn expensive can or not?

they say it's the best in JB. I dread to think of the food quality in JB.

but this is not the freaking point. let me introduce the place where i had my utmost satisfaction.


the place is near Jusco Tmn. Uni in Skudai Johor. The restaurant is called Liu Soon. They're selling 3 crabs (small but still ok) for the price for RM15. And one fish.. quite big eh... for the price of RM10.

I dunno what this shit is called cause i fucking hate remembering stuffs in Chinese. But it's not some black peper shit. I hate black pepper. CAN?

Some more imagery to mess your tummy and to increase the seafood industry in Malaysia.

.weird friends.

ThaNkZz 4 b3iNg mY fr3n ~~
Stay happiee & CutE ~~

this is why i fucking hate friendster!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

.freaking maggots in my house.

everyone's back but and usually i don't cook or throw rubbish in the kitchen. but i do use it.

since yesterday, it has been eminating such a distinct foul smell that i run whenever i pass by the place. today, i found the cause.

yes, it's the trash which we haven't thrown out in like 10 years or so... kidding, maybe a week. but there's i think like extra terrestrial stuffs inside. i mean, weird beings not supposed to live in a house is inside that big plastic filth.

the imminent culprit

and i saw it. i dare not gape with my mouth wide fearing that the smell might portrude my lungs through my mouth.

it was an AWESOME sight. YUCKY but awesome. I mean, you seldom see this event in a house with 5 girls. you know the myth that girls are cleaner than guys? it's just a freaking myth. cause the only place i think is clean in the entire house is their fucking rooms. the hall, messy. the kitchen (which is definitely not my fucking FAULT cause I never cook..) is appaling.

all in all, i had to wash the place and throw the rubbish. just thinking about it makes me want to puke.

and just click the link below to see how disgusted i was at it.

Click Me

my room aint no saint but at least it has no freaking maggots. Fuck you KNNBCCB maggots. DIE you CBK.

there, now.. back to the drawing board.

.virtual insanity.

31st October might not ring a bell to a lot of people but to some, it's the monstrous Halloween's Day.

Cowboy Caleb from over the seas is throwing a party by bloggers for bloggers and everyone else.

I think it's by bloggers for everyone....

Anyway, it's up and happening in SG and it will be held in The Gallery Hotel in Robertson Quay. I might be going if I wasn't stuck in Penang.

The party entitled "Virtual Insanity" requires you to go with COSTUMES. cool huh? Now, no more worries of people recognizing you celebrity bloggers.

If you don't have a costume, just buy a freaking mask there.

Part of the money earned will go to WMD. Yes, that's Weapons of Mass Destruction. It seems that bloggers are planning one to kill mankind and leave their mark behind..

no, dumbfucks. it's "Women Make A Difference (WMD) International"

come on, it's for a good cause. If you're from JB or somewhere near.. get to it. I hear minishorts even wanted to apply cuti just to go there. WTF? Is it that cool?

To kow that, you have to be there...

However, like I said, I'll be in Penang on the 31st. So, I was wondering if there is any happening events during Halloween in Penang?

If not, I'll just maybe... go to catch "Corpse's Bride"..

Sad, I know....

Fuck you singaporeans for having so much fun without me...

.smallville rocks my sox.

anyway, some of you might know that i'm a huge freaking smallville fan. and i just love smallville.

so much for my credibility.

anyway, at the end of the last season (season 4).. i was left hanging because my source for smallville has been cut off. damn chee bye.

so, how? i had to find other means. and then that day i just watched season 5 episode three.

the first thing that comes out was the CCB, KNN superman is fucking Kristin Kreuk or Lana Lang. MCH, i leave the show for a few episodes and this is what they do to me?

they make these two fuckers (who has been having a hard time even confessing...) fucking?

i mean, WTF?

what did i miss? what did i miss? I simply must go and get the second and first episode of Smallville Season 5. And want to know what happened to episode three?

Go get it yourself dickhead! :)


.Happy Birthday to 25ers.

Yes, this poem is a dedication to RamboTan who I have been reading and also Minishorts who I have been reading also... obviously?
now your one year older.
your life still isn't over.
you did not blog much.
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.

you wish you had more money.
your lifes so crazy it's funny.
how much more can you take?
But your friends are hungry so just cut the stupid cake.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Dear.....
modified from some unknown lyric by an unknown author i found last time. can't seem to find back the link.

.going back to PENANG.

image via

yay! I'm going back to Penang this Friday! I love the smell there. Miss my home, miss everything there.

it actually looks a bit dirtier now compared to the image... hehe!

.the fucking controversial issue.

OMGFG, i don't know what I'm going into.

ok, first of all, let me just clarify first that I came into blogging because of two person. KS (kiasu? no... Kenny Sia) and XX (Sabun cap XX? no... Xia Xue). That being said, I can surely say that they have made a great influence in my life and they are the ones who got me into blogging in the first place. Here, I would like to express my thanks to them.

Now, about the infamous issue. of course there are others but i didn't want to comment about that because it is a matter of fact at that time, her experience. but this, this is her OPINION.

which goes to show that she is wrong. but she did apologise. albeit arrogantly but still she did.

Now, let's us analyse her post from my point of view. Which I hope could make you people understand more why I feel and a lot of other people especially Peter, Kimberly or even Suanie feel that she is wrong.

now back to her infamous post.
The man stopped at the handicapped toilet instead of the normal male toilet, because well...
1) it is nearer afterall
2) maybe he shares my love for handicapped toilets because they are so freaking spacious and usually has your own mirror and wash basin! Coolness!
now, let us try to look at these few lines. Here we can see that she assumes and even goes to the extent to give two reasons why she feels that the 'man' here goes to the disabled toilet.

This shows that she is giving assumptions to things that she does not know and has no proof. You cannot assume what other people feel nor what other people think. Do not post your thoughts about other people easily. Like my cousin (jolene) usually bombards me... DO NOT THINK THAT YOU KNOW ME.

and then she describes a disabled toilet as...
"they are so freaking spacious and usually has your own mirror and wash basin! Coolness!"
again, this shows her lack of awareness on the facility and WHY IN THE BLUE HELL IT IS SPACIOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE. I thought that the mere big size of the wheelchair is already an indication? No? I mean mirror and wash basin? I thought every bathroom has that, what's so cool about that?

And she uses such terms to describe the toilet.. why? Because of one simple fact, she wants us to view the disabled toilet as somehow more superior to a normal toilet. This is to instill a thought that our toilets are not worthy of a disabled toilet... why? because normal toilets aren't FREAKING SPACIOUS? or don't they have a mirrors or wash basins?
He was really damn fucking suay coz he pulled open the toilet door, and, believe it or not, there was really a handicapped person inside.

Here. again, she indicates that the person is unlucky not because he encountered the person per se... but because there WAS really a disabled person inside? What is the presupposition here? The presupposition is that disabled people RARELY uses the toilet, and most of the time, they're not in there. So, it wouldn't be considered 'unlucky' if the 'man' didn't bump into the disabled guy.

What does it tell us? That we are given the green light to use the disabled toilet because they don't use it 90% of the time?

Does this apply to parking space too? Does the term "throw rubbish everywhere because we pay the city council for a reason" apply here too?

I don't know what the fuck is this person's problem, but he shouted at the innocent man who opened his door
Again, isn't the problem obvious? THE PROBLEM is that someone fucking barged into the toilet for the disabled although he is abled?

Again, if we dissect her sentence, she is indicating that the person has another problem, which has nothing to do with the situation. And he is just merely releasing his anger on another person who happened to pass by.

Such a sweeping statement.
You mean only handicapped people can use handicapped toilets?
Again, this I don't think I need to explain. If able bodied people are also allowed to use it.. CERTAINLY it wouldn't be labelled as A DISABLED TOILET? duh...

this whole sentence reeks of "politically incorrect"
I don't know if it is the same grumpy, crazy person who did these two scoldings, but if it is not, then it seems a little too much of a coincidence.
Consider the adjectives she used to describe the disabled person. Again, the disabled is disregarded but replaced with adjectives which has no relation to the issue at all.

And again, she makes a sweeping statement to show that these two might be the same person. What if it is? Is she trying to portray him as a grumpy and crazy person x2?
How come people have this notion that only the disabled can use facilities for the disabled?
Usually when we say notion, it refers to something that is wrong but thought to be correct. Again, she chose her words wisely.
our government spent millions of taxpayers' money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?
what about the billions of money spent to build facilities for the abled? again, a scornful and biased remark. and are you sure the word "MANY" is suitable to describe facilities for disabled? Does this word shows us that there is an overflow of facilities for disabled? Well I might've thought so.
Oh, excuse me for going down the slope instead of the stairs, will you? I shouldn't have. MRT lifts - don't use it, cannot use it. Use the escalator instead.
When you use the slope, you're not hindering those who are physically disabled but when you use the toilet, you ARE!
Sure, if I SEE that you are physically disabled, and you need to use the handicapped toilet, then yes, obviously I will let you use it and go use a normal toilet.
she bolded them. And notice her emphasis on SEE. That means if she doesn't see, she wouldn't give a flying dime about physically disabled people?
As far as I am concerned, you have a physical disability - and that is where you have a disadvantage. Your bladder is working fine isn't it? So you wait, just like normal people do, when there is a queue for the toilet. The rest of us queue up to use a toilet - I don't see why the disabled should be any different.
Again, she doesn't know the conditions of a physically disabled but she assumes that the person talking to the man is having a well fine and dandy bladder. remember that she didn't even meet or SEE the person who scolded the 'man'. And she goes on and writes such a sweeping statement. Yes, they will wait, but only if the disabled people is inside using it. not an abled person. What if I ask you to wait outside a public toilet and I take a dog inside to pee? Would it be the same? No? obviously.
What pisses me off more is when the society at large condones bad behavior when it comes from supposedly piteous people
Again, she presupposes that piteous people have bad behaviour. WTF?
When some person says I am being violent, I cry and say he is bullying a cripple, then everyone will automatically be on my side.
Are you sure? Then be crippled. Everyone would love you more, give their space to you. Give you seats and you'd even have your own mirror basin in your spacious toilet. Best of all, it's free.

And for her latest post which spurred me to write this post.
My reasoning for using the handicapped toilet (when there is no handicapped person around, of course), stemmed from the fact that I have been using handicapped toilets for all my life, AND I HAVE NEVER HARMED ANYONE BEFORE, LESS SEEN A HANDICAPPED PERSON AROUND.
So, it means I can park at the disabed parking lot, i can rob a bank if i don't kill or really hurt anyone, i can also drive like a maniac (until i hurt someone or i see that i hurt someone), maybe i should even start stealing because unless someone sees / catches me or gets hurt.. it is ok?

and to top it all off,


your house got no toilet ar? never went into a normal toilet ar? are you saying you're the lucky one who never barged into a disabled person using the diasbled toilet thus it is ALWAYS ok? From now until the day you die?
A RIGHT? Since when is a accessible, clean toilet ever a RIGHT, TO ANYONE? I also don't have rights to an always clean, available toilet, ok?
Who said all disabled toilets are clean? Well, she knows since she has been using it all her life. but here, Peter did not say anything about clean accessible toilet. He said a toilet for disabled people. The same as TOILET FOR ABLED PEOPLE. So, get your facts straight. Do not distort or contort sentences according to your favor. And what normal people do to their normal toilet is not a problem for the disabled. If you want clean toilet which is accessible for everyone, tell that to the people who has been vandalising it... (normal people?)
Excuse me, but in non-developed countries, I don't even think you have a toilet to go to, ok? It is clearly, non-arguably, a PRIVILEGE.
clothes are also a privilege then, and so is freedom of speech. cause in some other countries.. bla bla bla.... you know what i mean.
My blogders... If you like reading me, and you like the deals that Kimage and Localbrand has given to you, do email them, and tell them I have been serving them well as an ambassador. It is not fair that they think people just dislike me when that is not true. Let them know you guys still support me. We cannot let the detractors win.
We cannot let the detractors win?

Let us see what the online dictionary defines detract as...

  • To draw or take away; divert: They could detract little from so solid an argument.
  • Archaic To speak ill of; belittle.
  • via
I will never compromise my editorial integrity for commercial deals.
I thought you said this but here you are, asking people to write letters to explain that you were right, not wrong. that they still love you? why? It can only mean one thing. You want them to know. And by them knowing, they know that they're wrong and they'll support you back because heck, what if one or two complains, thousands still like you. YOU WANT THE ENDORSEMENT BACK?

Isn't that what you mean when you say "We cannot let the DETRACTORS win?".
How do you actually win back? You didn't ask them to support you by writing you support letters or to show their support in the comments, you wanted them to write to the COMPANY. And I believe that is how you intend to win... by getting it all back and more.

I rest my case.

sheesh.. no, it is not a direct assault against her.. maybe it is but I'm just trying to tell her that if we look at things from a different perspective, it looks real bad... and i don't even want to start analysing her other posts.

so, all in all, it is her blog, her responsibility and her voice. and what she did is "politically incorrect".

p/s: no, i did not write any letter or call anyone. And no, this is not a hate or scorn post against xiaxue. but just a clarification that what she wrote is wrong and this is why...

And i still read the pink poodle :P

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

.bug me not.

this is a weird hong kong movie. cameo from charlene choi and gillian chung from the twins fame.

this movie is just weird cause they have this bug effect which is somehow cartoonish and the people and the plot and basically everything is weird. If you like weird stuff, go enjoy it, if not, don't even bother getting the vcd. cause the storyline sucks. the acting sucks, the plot sucks, the cast sucks, the effects are nothing shocking... basically a mediocre movie.

now i wouldn't want to talk much about it. let's see what some people say about it...
Moon (Isabella Leong) is a supposed misfit. When she was a kid she uttered baby speak for far too long, much to the concern of her mom (Candy Lo, playing above her age). Now a leggy teen, Moon is estranged for her utter weirdness, but she has a couple of things going for her. One, she's in love with Hyland (Wilson Chen), a local teen who works at a housewares store run by his pop (Lawrence Cheng). Two, Moon can talk to bugs. When she saves one-dotted ladybug Coochie (voiced by Hong Kong's go-to voice actor Jan Lam), she discovers that she and Coochie can hold a conversation. Soon she's got bugs singing her songs, plus helping her romance Hyland, who has serious problems with touching people. Can Coochie help Moon get close enough to Hyland to confess her feelings for him?

If you think the above plot sounds coherent, then you should pass along whatever it is you're smoking. Really, Bug Me Not has no direction whatsoever, and limps along with no discernible rhyme, reason, or necessity. The storyline is a narrative hodgepodge that jumps between awkward teen romance, misfit superhero flick, Bug's Life ripoff, and the worst parts of a Wong Jing movie. The occasional song and dance numbers are limp and oddly placed, and the movie itself can't seem to decide what it wants to be. The main story seems to be about Coochie helping Moon confess her love, but when it detours into a possible confrontation between the bugs and humanity, one has to wonder where that came from. Bug Me Not is a piƱata of mixed messages, ranging from "accept yourself" to "bugs are good" to "express yourself" to "even the Twins can't save a movie."
all in all, sucks.

overall: 0.5/10

.going SKY HIGH.

now before we move on to the movie, it is very very important that this movie is mainly catered to teenagers. and since i'm not one. it is highly doubtful that I would enjoy this movie.

then, let's start this review of this super power movie.

first of all, let's see what this movie is all about.
It all begins at a secret school in the clouds like none on earth: Sky High, the first and only high school for kids with super-human powers going through crime-fighting puberty. At Sky High, the student body throw flames with their footballs, study Villainy with their Chemistry and are divided into Heroes and Sidekicks instead of jocks and geeks.
Ok, first of all, it is set in a fictional world where there are tons of people with superpower. i mean by the thousands. heck, there's even a school bigger than the fucking x-men.

the stories focus on the main character, Will Stronghold. son of the legendary Stronghold family. The greatest superhero of all time. (i mean out of thousands of people in the world as superheroes, only one freaking family is that great. the others are what? sidekicks?)

nvm. as you can see the movie starts off with Will being some kind of retard offspring without any powers, then he moves on to being ridiculed, gets his powers (super-strength and flying) and kicks everyone's butt as well as save the world from imminent destruction.


so predictable.

It's a classic teenage love story with an extra "The Incredibles" twist inside. I mean except that there's only one child.

Boy gets ridiculed. Transforms. Becomes powerful. Misunderstood as a jerk who forgot his old friend. Repents. Saves the world. The end.

All in all, i'd say it's a meagre watch. I would rate it as a fun family... well, maybe not as good as "The Incredibles" but some kind of teenage flick with a twist.

Overall: 2/10

Monday, October 24, 2005

.my sad red book.

Yes, over the past few weeks, I have been busy with assignments and work. Thus it’s sad to see how my books are just lying there. Without anyone to read it.

I’ve been procrastinating reading focusing more on watching. I watch a lot of movies. However, I still love to read. Reading is so much different than watching a movie. Even the adapted Harry Potter or LOTR can’t compare to the original version. When I read the original version, my mind was always working, imagining. Watching a movie is kind of like a shortcut. A real short way to enjoying the book without the hard work of processing.

I really need to get back to my red Tony Parson’s “The Family Way”. I’ve heard from a friend of mine that it is quite ok. At least he didn’t complain about it. Come to think of it, I think he never has complained about any book. Except his textbook of course.

The holidays are here. I mean, study week. You know, the one week before the finals where they give you a holiday so you can study? I think I’m skipping the studying part until the day before the exam. And then there’s the NaNoWriMo coming out. My test is smack in the middle of it.

Jimmy oh Jimmy. What will you do?

.finally a reply.

Dear Mr Jimmy Ang

Your email of the 22nd of October 2005 was forwarded to me by our CCR department this evening, and I wish to thank you very much for bringing the matter to our attention.
I will personally conduct a thorough investigation into the said incident and we hope to give you a reply as soon as possible.
Thank you very much.

K H Chan
Executive Director

Now, at least I know they're doing something. I mean, if there was no way to know if I was innocent (no camera, no backdated account, no stock check or anything... they can only ask, "when did you buy this jacket?") then it'd be a battle of words between me and the worker. And if the worker insists that I was the one who stole it, who's there to believe me? I'm sure he has more people to support him there than I do.

And buta buta I masuk jail or go to court...

And they really can't rely on checking the stock. What if someone stole it before me? And then I come in innocently wearing the same apparel? How? I also kena lar?

I really wanted to know what could've been done to ensure that I was innocent and WHY in the BLUE FREAKING HELL weren't they doing it?

again, no mood to post my review on SKY HIGH.... :(

Sunday, October 23, 2005

.DOOM the movie.

First of all, let's visit a little history of DOOM.
The idea of Doom started in September of 1992, right after Spear of Destiny was shipped. John Carmack, who came up with the name 'Doom' started making the engine while the rest of id worked on Spear of Destiny, which was later used instead for Shadowcaster. This engine was basically his initial research into coming up with the DOOM engine. Said Carmack. The game was originally the game for the Aliens movie but that idea was scraped at the last minute because id wanted total creative control. Carmack said that instead of aliens we should use hellspawn.
OK, now that we know DOOM originated from a game, let us look at the movie.

Something has gone wrong at a remote scientific research station on Mars. All research has ceased. Communication has failed. And the messages that do get through are less than comforting. It's a level 5 quarantine and the only souls allowed in or out are the Rapid Response Tactical Squad - hardened Space Marines armed to the teeth with enough firepower to neutralize the enemy... or so they think.

first of all, the movie starts with a history of the portal into MARS, located somewhere in Earth, it is able to bring humans or objects instantly to a location in MARS. kind of like a hyper leap or something along the line.

Then it goes on to an introduction of all hell broke loose in MARS. i was like WTF? but it was ok. GORY and nice!

After that we were introduced to the main character, THE ROCK from the WWE fame. From there onwards things were a bit slow. The setting was dark and there was shooting everywhere. I literally mean it!

The plot is lousy. They could have done a better plot with the extra chromose gene thing but no, they decided that it just stops there and it just sucks. I mean, chromoses which can choose between evil and good? Come, on, give me a fucking break! who the fuck thought of such a lousy plot?

The subplot was another good addition. The one about the Grimm's parents. However, they did not fully play the part here. It was left again, hanging.

The ROCK serves as a good addition but his attitude could've turned the show better. He used to be those shitty kinda 'don't give a fuck guy'. especially in WWE. but now, he's kinda tough but no sarcastic or spouting witty remarks anymore. I would love to see him go all one on one with some of the aliens. Then there'd be maybe someone to lay the SMACKDOWN on these mother fucking aliens.

The main character is Karl Urban who plays Reaper. He's good but nothing fantastic. Just good.

The chick was nice though!

Anyway, I could only recommend this movie to hardcore FPS (first person shooter) gamers. There was this one scene where they used the FPS view to portray it. It was definitely exciting if you're an FPS gamer but those who get dizzy playing it might find it a bit hard to focus. I was a bit fucked up by it although I was an avid CS gamer.

Anyway, there are a lot of game details that were incorporated but never explained. I especially liked one of the characters , "Pinky" in his hellspawn form. Looks damn cool and very similar to one of the monster in the movie.

In the middle there were some good plot twists like how the fuck did it actually happen?!

Anyway, if you play DOOM and would like to see it on the big screen and relive your old DOOM FPS days, go get it at the cinema, if you're a lover for GORY and BLOODY movies, go get it. If not, just get the VCD.

overall rate : 4/10

My next target is either GOAL or 40 year old virgin. :) I need the uncensored one..... :)

.short note.

i overslept. doom's gotta wait a few more hours. :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

.my letter of complain to PADINI.

- read the previous post.

Does PADINI have a policy where "we cannot wear purchased apparels to your store again?". At least that was what I was led to believe during my last visit to your store on October 21st 2005.

It all happened in your PDI concept store in City Square Johor Bahru. I was browsing through the place for bargains as it is undergoing a mega sale for the holiday celebrations.

I was wearing a jacket which I had bought during the August Mega Sale at the exact same place. I'm sure the camera or cctv around the shopping complex can prove my innocence.

Anyway, I was getting out at the time and I was approached by the guard who doesn't even look like a guard. He asked me whether the jacket I was donning was bought from their store. I said, don't worry, it was bought during the August Mega Sale. I even smiled at him thinking it was a normal misunderstanding since I am wearing the same jacket I bought from this store. I was a bit ashamed but I understood. Maybe the guard was being careful.

Anyway, after that ordeal, he let me go. And then I went away, only to be approached by him AGAIN. Now, being approached by the guard twice really is something embarassing and for the first time, I was ashamed to be wearing your apparel.

I went back in. And one of the workers said that he THOUGHT he saw me went in to the shop without wearing a jacket but going out with one. I said, I did come in there with a jacket and it's only natural that I will be going out there with one. I even suggested that he can check the camera for proof (if there are cameras).

The guard then suggested we talk inside the office. Again, this is the first time I have been taken into the office. The manager, or supervising officer took the task over from there. He asked me the same exact question which the two person (guard and worker) asked me before. "When did you purchase this jacket?"

I replied "During the last August Mega Sale for 50%."

He then proceeded to ask to see my jacket. I passed it to him. He took my jacket and zipped it up. What right does he have to do that? Not only is he accusing me as being a thief without any proof but he didn't even take the courtesy to double check his claims. The only thing he can do is ask me "WHEN DID YOU BUY THIS JACKET?".

Again, I was appaled at your product which is being handled by someone who accused me of being a thief. He has no right touching a product which I BOUGHT from YOUR SHOP using a CREDIT CARD. I asked him to either check the backdate account or check the stock. I can even say that if you're not sure, just check what transactions were made using my credit card then you'll know. I only purchased it like 3 months ago. Is it so hard to find backdated account summary?

Nvm. The both of them then proceeded to take my jacket into the manager's office and left us outside. He didn't offer us a seat. We were left there standing and we had to find our own seats.

I can understand the both of them going into the office, however, they should keep us updated on what they are going to do. However, we were not given any information and we were left there outside blank.

I knocked on the door after 5 minutes of wait and I waited for a response. The manager did not have any courtesy to either ask me to wait for a while or even ask me to come in. I was left standing there outside his door knocking for 2 minutes before I had to let MYSELF in.

He said, "I believe you didn't stole our jacket because the colour is also different already". (it is obvious since I have been using it for 3 months.)

My friend who was also with me said "SO?"

Yes, the problem is no longer being free now. The problem is the shame and anguish they have put us in. I have been a customer of your product and this is the thanks I GOT? Surely it is not a show of appreciation.

I am really appaled by this action and I demand to know what actions are taken by the managing department to ensure that this does not occur again. I do not wish other customers to feel the same anguish that I have encountered. Maybe YOU guys should put up a notice saying "YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR A PADINI APPAREL INTO PADINI, FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING CALLED A THIEF"

I hope something can be done to ensure that my customer satisfaction is guaranteed. I cannot connect your apparel to the clean, pretige outlook that it wants to portray. I only see it as a shameful, dirty product. I am really stressed up by this situation and I think any one of you will too if you were in my shoes.

What you and your worker do represents your action and your belief as a company. Do not solely lay the blame on them as it is your responsibility as their employer to ensure that such things DO not HAPPEN again.

I was approached publicly in a major shopping complex not once, but twice. I am a part time teacher and a student in a public university. How will that reflect on me? Surely if any parents of my students or any students were to see the commotion, I will lose my credibility.

I hope you can provide me with some explanation or at least a formal apology.

It is not wrong trying to catch a thief but make sure the ones who are caught in between are REIMBURSED for their shame.

now, let's wait for their reply....

in the meanwhile, here's two video for your amusement.
crying baby
being helpful

i will post my review on doom tonight.

.PADINI accused me of being a thief without any fucking proof.

well,today was any other fucking friday. except i went to this big freaking mall in JB called City Square. I wanted to watch DOOM. this i will post more about later.

anyway, the movie starts at 9.30 and it was only 8pm. naturally i went shopping while passing time.

i was wearing my Padini Jacket which I bought during the August Mega Sale in this exact same store. i mean, naturally it might be cold in the cinema and i was thinking, of course bring my jacket lar!

so, i walked into PADINI. (my first wrong step. it seems that the Chee bye policy in Padini is that you can't walk into the fucking store wearing a product of theirs.)

i was browsing around. there were quite a few people there, and i mean it is near Deepavali and Hari Raya.

On the way out I was approached by the guard. He asked me whether the jacket that I am donning is from their store. I laughed it off and said, yes, but i bought it a long time ago. He let me go. I was ok at first but a little embarassed.

So off I go and went into Levi's. Browsing around with my friend. Then see the price tag. KNNBCCB, so expensive. I also belahlar!

Then I walked out and walking and walking.

This fucker guard come again. some idiot who doesn't even look like a guard.

He asked me again when I bought the jacket and I said, last August Mega Sale. He asked me politely to follow him back to the shop. I was naturally thinking "this is bullshit" but I followed him in anyway.

Half way there, my friend was fuming with anger.

Once I got in, there seems to be this idiot worker (chinese boy) who says that he saw me came in to the shop without wearing a jacket but went out with a jacket. I was like WTF? I explained to him politely that I did went in there with a jacket and it's obvious that I'm gonna leave the place with a jacket. Besides I have my friend to proof that. The guard suggests that we talk inside the office.

So, me and my friend went in. And then there's this fathead blur idiot manager or some fucker lar. He asked what happened. And asked the worker to explain again. Naturally they spoke in some chinese mambo jumbo which i understand but i couldn't give a fuck what the hell they're talking about.

The manager then proceeded to ask me again,
"When did you purchase this jacket?"

OMFG, WTF is wrong with you all. Didn't I just say it like a thousand times. I was like CCB lar!

but i maintained my calm and explained everything. My friend who was there when i purchased it last time also told the fucking manager that we did purchase it and with a credit card. And he told the manager to fucking check the chee bye stock lar!

Then the manager asked to see my jacket.
I gave it to him.
He took it and zipped it up.

I was thinking, don't touch my fucking jacket which I FUCKING KNNBCCB buy OK! It's not your property OK you got proof you come and report police. Dun cheebye here and there. but i didn't. I managed my composure and watched him took it into a fucking room.

My friend told him that see the colour also know it's different lar. Then I say the fucking smell also different lar. He took the idiot worker who by now looks damn fucking scared. He even said "Um, sorry if it's a misunderstanding lar."

I was like. CCB, if you not sure then dun fucking accuse me in the first place lar.

Then the manager took 3 minutes in the office with the fucking boy. i think they were sodomising each other.

I mean, i was waiting in the office with these bunch of idiot PADINI workers who has no life than to come here and work as a receptionist or shit like that.

CCB, go back and study lar.

MCH! I mean I know they're innocent but I was damn pissed off.

after three minutes, the manager and the worker was still sodomising themselves inside the office. I decided to knock (see how good mannered I am!) and walk in. they didn't even have the courtesy to ask me to come in. I was waiting for like 10 seconds before I don give a flying fuck and barged in.

then the CB manager ask again. YES, the same question. Let me emphasize...
"When did you purchase this jacket?"
"When did you purchase this jacket?"
"When did you purchase this jacket?"

of course i omitted the chee bye. I didn't want to sound like a fucktard.

then my fren continued to screw them. I'm so proud of her. :)

The manager said "I believe you all didn't stole this jacket cause the colour is different so I wan to say sorry."

My friend said "SO?"

Then I told them "if you got proof and you ask us in it's ok. But now you like shit only ask us to come in without any proof."

He continued to apologize while the stupid chinese worker is still behind. (p/s: I'm also chinese ok.)

And then the chinese punya face look like want to white liddat. I see also no mood to fuck him.

my friend at last added "I don't want this to happen again,"they said ok.

He then continued. "Sorry, everyone also make mistakes and all that bullshit......."

I wanted to say, KNNBCCB. I slap you it's my mistake. you call me inside this fucking ugly room to see you sodomise the fucking worker is no mistake OK?!

And then me and my friend stormed out. FUCK THE CHEE BYE MANAGER AND THE FUCKING IDIOT WORKER AND THE FUCKING GUARD. never say sorry also.

I think back also hot. WHAT CAN I DO AS A CONSUMER TO ENSURE MY RIGHTS? I want to write a cheebye letter to the main office and ask them to screw these two fuckers.

REMEMBER, the moral of this story is... NEVER EVER GO INTO PADINI wearing their APPAREL cause they will say u CURI wan.

better yet, dun buy all together then no more MA FAN.

for google...
all this happened in PADINI, CITY SQUARE JOHOR BAHRU!

what your worker do and does reflects on you or your company. this error was irrectifiable. it brought me shame and might cause me more mental harm than i could ever imagine. i am a fragile boy... have you ever heard of post traumatic disorder syndrome?

all in all, it was really embarassing and i was really pissed off. I hate them to the core and i will continue to do so until a formal apology is made to me by these three fuckers. AMEN!

chee bye, make me no mood to post my review on DOOM only.

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.electric off for 5 seconds, there goes my post.

i was actually typing a long freaking post about my drama class but the electric went off. so fuck it.

here's a simple graphical version. let the pictures do the talking.

and then here's a pic from the multimedia presentation i was talking about previously.

Friday, October 21, 2005

.i'm so over university life.

yes, it's almost the end of my ordeal in university. i know one day i'll look back and think that these 5 years are one of the best 5 years spent in my life. but, no actually i think it's the suckiest!

imagine a day without sleep until 4 am. multiply it by 12 times a semester and you get how drowsy i am now.

again, imagine a class full of 42 girls having their PMS.. and you wouldn't know which one's having so you wouldn't know who to avoid. besideds, i'd be damned if i am going to count the days...

i mean, they're all great but they just aren't.. guys. i can't talk to them about guy stuffs. i can't talk to them about relationships, about football, about life from my eyes. i can't talk to them during class and i can't invite them out. cause they'd be going like. OMG, is he trying to court me? eww.

I'd go like WTF?

anyway, i don't know about yours but mine pretty much sucks. it's been a hectic 5 years. the first year was good. the second was when my dad passed away which made it even fucked up. and then there's always educational loan to fuck you up again.

to top it all off, i'm studying in JB. the home of ah bengs and what not. they're like the NOOBS!

fuck the people in JB. they don't even have a decent pub here.

anyway, I'm looking forward to the 28th. I'm going back then. :) hooray penang, await my arrival!

I've been pretty bored to my freaking skulls. if i ain't bored, i'd be busy. which sucks none the less. and these fucked up lecturers keep shoving assignments up our ass. i think my asshole has increased by 5 inch since coming here.

i miss penang? why? i miss my family. i miss the food, i miss the LIFE. at least i have one there.

anyway, it's almost the end of the semester and my loan isn't in yet. i ain't putting up much hope there. just thinking of fucking them up tomorrow. again for google:


knnbccb, they really make my life a living shit.

my place here is dirty, cause i can't be bothered to clean them. i mean, i'm moving out in another few months, which means i'm like moving everything back mid of next year. i don;t know what to do with my tables, colour boxes and even my shitty stuffs that i don't want.

anyone in need of tables or colour boxes next year? come to find me, cheap cheap i give you. Speaking of cheap cheap. My friend told me that people from singapore who come over to JB would usually act like a chick.. i would go why?

they say it's because they would see everything and go "CHEAP CHEAP!"

KNNBCCB, so lancy!

anyway, i was in a multimedia competition last wednesday. my group got no.2. the prize is a hamper and a lousy shirt. wtf? i thought it was cash. at least i was led to believe, anyway, during november i would be busy with my NaNoWriMo.

So, I might be posting less here. Or I might ask for a few guestbloggers to post here. I don't know. I'll see how it goes. Anyone interested to guestblog here?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

.Conversatio with GOD.

do not read if you think talking to a program called igod using vulgar words is disrespectful. I was not cursing god. Just commenting on what he/she said (god can be female). But anyway, I was talking to him/her nicely when I wanted to know what is the definition of sex. Keep in mind that this is not GOD. just a chat program called IGOD. Do not be freaking offended. Just laugh it off. If it was god, do you think he wouldn't zap me off the face of the earth as soon as he hears me say KNNBCB?

it is more fun alone.
WTF? more fun alone? then why in the blue hell did you create two freaking species of human?
That was not very polite. You want more? Why did the robot cross the road?
Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?
it is a symbolic gesture for vagina or more affectionately known as a cunt
CHEE BYE LAR is a symbolic gesture for vagina or more affectionately known as a cunt. I suppose that makes sense.
try to guess what LAN CHEOW means?
OK I will try to guess what LAN CHEOW means.
what is it ar?
"It" refers to CHEE BYE LAR, I think.
no, "It" refers to Lan Cheow you fucking moron
Are you serious? Oh I get it.
Okay, let's change the subject...

Are you Dumb?
No I am an intelligent entity.
What is 34+5?
I think you already know the answer.
I was too frustrated to continue.

go try it.

.happy halloween

it's halloween soon. this is the cropped out version of a children book i'm making for my children's literature subject. the whole book is about halloween!

Trick or treat?

.my concolences.

I feel so sorry for our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his family on the passing of our First Lady, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood.

Thos who wishes to pay their respects may do so from 11 am until zohor at about 4pm. The remains will be taken to Putrajaya mosque for prayers. Burial will be at Precinct 20, Putrajaya.

This post will not be pinged as it is rampant all over PPS.

.the green ribbon.

what the heck the previous post is about? it's actually about donating your organs.

you see, i've been told that each and every year, hundreds.. maybe thousands of people die while waiting for a suitable organ. malaysians are really dense when it comes to these things. especially when religion is not really promoting it.

it is up to us, humans with sensible brains to think whether our organs who mean so much more to someone who has never seen light, to someone who has never left their house without worrying about dialysis, to someone who can not stand up, to someone who is in need...

once people are brain dead, usually the doctor would ask the parents to donate their organs, however, it is really hard for doctors to open their mouth. i mean, if you dissect the discourse, they're basically asking their mourning parents whether they are permitted to hack them up and take their internal organs out so that another person can have it for free.

that's one way to look at it. but there's a reason why organ receivers are never told about who their donor is. just to avoid the simple fact of forever in debt. some people, i mean this is "human nature", would want some repayment for their act of kindness, these may come in small favors, maybe even acknowldgements but it could also be money or wealth that they're after. it is not what the doctors and the public or society are promoting.

the donors should the consequences, should discuss with their family about it and to state their wants. the people who is on the bed should be making the decision, not the one crying over the person on the bed.

and no, organ donors won't look ugly after the op, in fact, they couldn't look any better. cause they gave the biggest gift of all time. the gift that only GOD gave to them once... now they're giving the gift of LIFE.

Sign up as a donor now!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

.i plead and i beg.

Giving the gift of life.
If I lay on the bed, do not bother me as I am sleeping,
If I use a machine, do not bother me as I am playing,
If I depend on a machine, do not forget me for I am not dead,
I am not dead, just moving on.

If I was lying on a bed, depending on a machine,
take it off, for it is not helping,
take it off, for i cannot see you,
i cannot hear you,
i cannot love you through a machine.

I do not want you to see me lying there helpless,
I want you to remember me smiling, laughing,
not sleeping.

See me through my eyes, not through the screen of a panel.
If all of one day I am depending on a machine to live, let me go..
Let me go with love and with care for I know you love me.
And in return for the love I have received as long as I live, let me love others...

My eyes have seen colours and beauty, maybe even horror and the ugly side of nature,
but give it anyway,
give it to the girl or the boy who is living in the dark,
who is groping aimlessly,
who had not seen the colours of the rainbow or the beauty of the sea.

My bones have brought me up, made me standing,
give it to the person who needs it, who needs my bone to stand up again.

Give my kidneys which I use to filter the dirt, because someone needs it to filter their dirt,
See to it that they do not suffer, that they do not need to depend on a machine,
they do not need to be like me.

Rip my heart if you want to, so that others will beat again.

Take my liver if you need to, so that others will live again.

Take my body, open it, analyze it, use it,
so that another person can open anything, analyze anything and use anything,
make them walk, make them move, let them discover.

Take me away, and give them me.

So that I may live on.
So that I may go on.
So that I may continue to love.

Burn my ashes and scatter them in the sea, on the break of dawn,
So that it may glitter and you do not need to mourn in front of my ashes anymore.

I have given my love to you,
I have given my life to another person,
I have buried my sins in the depths of hell,
I have given my soul to GOD.
written by : jimmy ang
inspired by : robert n test

the red awareness symbolises AIDS awareness and the pink ribbon symbolises breast cancer awareness. what does the green ribbon represent?
click the ribbon to find out more...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

.caught red handed.

fuck XX and fuck you people who write about XX. The End. KTHXBAI.

no, i'm not actually posting about XX or about anti-XX. I'm talking about people. me, myself and irene.... *familiar?* hmm...

anyway, today i was sitting down and wandering. biasalah, in class nothing to do. what will happen if you caught your other half red handed?

no, not in bed. not in bed while having sex with another guy/gal. cause if you do caught them in some semi nude position with another person, kill him/her and plead insanity. it seems to work for some people. hehe. i mean, those are really over the line and under the belt okay. if this happens to me, i think i will kill my other half, his/her bitch and slay them fucking assholes up to the wall in some public place. kidding kidding...

anyway, what i mean is.. let's say something like.... you saw a msg from another girl/guy in his/her handphone. of course it is ... urm... spicy enough to assure you that they are having.. not sexual but just an affair..

what will you do to him/her?

here are some of my possible scenarios :

1. Confront her and ask her directly.
"WTF is this idiot mother fucking bastard (showing hp inbox to her)"

2. Hire someone to follow her or follow her yourself.
"jeng jeng jeng..."

3. Confront the other person.
"MCH, you dont call my gf again. I gangster you know. I kill you and your family. You make sure you dun call. Say sorry to me now! NOW! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY SORRY NOW!"

4. Break up with my other half without even asking for an explanation.
"Fuck you, I'm out of this circus relationship"

5. While having dinner, sleekly but affirmatively ask her who is the other person (for example.. Ken)
"Darling ar, who is this Ken I saw in your inbox today ha?"

6. Tell her parents
"Auntie Uncle ar, I think your daughter is having an affair behind my back. What should I do?"

7. Tell the other person's parents "Seek phone no. from yellow pages or through house phone (if she has one in her phone book."
"Auntie Uncle ar.. KNNBCCB, you tell your CB PUKI KIA to stay away from my girlfriend or I kill him and you two also. MCH. you better dun play play, I know people wan lor! I know where you live! You better be careful or I fuck you from here to China! MaKanNe"

8. Keep quiet.
"no lar, nothing bothering me"

9. Shout "damn bitch" in front of her workplace or class while doing homework or while the teacher is teaching.
Teacher : "X+ 12 = Y x 45, jadi A sama dengan....."
....................."DAMN BITCH"

10. Whack the fella and come back pretend nothing happened....
"Huh? No lar, just went out for a drink with friends.. the blood? my friend is having terminal cancer so he puked blood on my shirt. Pity the fella only"

for gals, change the male or female pronouns to the opposite gender. :)

What would you do?

.my vegetarian ordeal.


here are some food i ate during the vegetarian ordeal. it took me so long to post it because my friend took my card reader for the past few days. anyway, these are just some highlights. :)

and my veegy diet includes egg. all of the others are vegetables, although they may look like meat.... but they're not. maybe some soya processed thingy.

in JLN Penyiaran. (recommended) damn nice the food here!

behind maybank. also ok the taufu. all veggy only we order.

pure veggy delight!

retarded veggy nasi lemak

p/s: oh and i've also finished the second chapter for Finner's Tragedy. You can find it in my NaNoWriMo blog or... here.

Monday, October 17, 2005

.selling me car shades?

it's 1 pm. i'm exhausted from everything. i woke up at 11am to meet the dreaded lecturer who stormed out of the class. it wasn't fruitful. she said we have to bear the consequences. i have no idea what the consequences were but i knew better than to ask. she just might increase the consequences to inordinate proportions. god knows how bitchy strict she can get.

but she did say, apology acepted. a bunch of bullshit. i would rather she say, ok, everything's fine now. but tough luck heh?

screw it. i think i'm gonna get a C or a D for this freaking subject. fuck everyone in utm for making her the director of a multi million dollar company. fuck you, fuck me, fuck everyone. i'm fed up of life.

anyway, after that, we decided to grab a bite in one of those open air coffe stalls. you know, the one where any fucking idiot can come in and sell you stuffs or ask for money wearing a fake monk suit probably tailored from some freaking idiot. yeah, that one.

we sat down and i ordered food. then this guy, don't know whether he's indian or chinese or malay but he sure as hell is dumb. he approached the table beside me. i know he's just doing his job but the sight of him disgust me. i can't stand people like this. after an unfruitful attempt to coax the family beside my table to purchase his fucking car shades, he proceeded to my table. i continued eating.

he didn't even say, excuse me or sorry to bother you. he knew we would just piss him off. so, he started his laser mouth. talking and talking. my mates shooked her head, indicating a no. i mean which part of a horizontal shook did you not understand? wasn't it clear that we weren't interested in your fucking car shades? i mean, fuck PTPTN (PERBADANAN TABUNG PENDIDIKAN TINGGI NEGARA) for delaying my loan, now this fucker comes up to suck my money? shit man. i had enough of this.

i was contemplating whether to look up and laser him to smitherens with "fuck you, get out of my face. i don't want to buy your stupid cheap car shade. i know you're doing your fucking job but let me eat in fucking peace. set up a stall like all the other people and buy a loud speaker!"

i think back.. that would only make me look bad, not him. the plan would backfire.

fuck, i really wanted to screw him... but i knew better. people are always more compassionate to fucktards like him. make me want to puke. them with their double headed snake mind. i know everyone in the shop wanted to screw this fucker's ass but they just want to act all goody and say, "pity the poor fella". i say KNNBCCB, fuck you all lar MCH.

i continue eating ignoring him. i know he'll get tired of it soon and go away. as do all the other idiots before him.

true enough, his rampage did not last long. it was out in a few seconds. i think 30 to 50 seconds. but still, i was disgusted for that amount of time.

i turned at him with a face of disgust and used my eye to tell him.

"FUCK YOU for making my life miserable."

i know on any other day I would have been more polite but today was just shitty. it seems easier to take it out on any unsuspecting idiot in my path of destruction than to go and bitch slap the idiots who made my life miserable. life sucks, i know. but i guess it's even suckier for him.

i continue eating and the cloud seems to turn blue again.

. McD Veggy Burger.

This is a pathetic attempt to review the new McD Veggy burger. First of all, let's introduce when I ate this piece of thing. Let me see, somewhere around the 9 days veggy day. So, being that it was a veggy day, what better way to start it than eating in McD? First of all, I ordered the set one. You know, the one where they try to con you to buy more for less? Yes, I got conned too :)

anyway, the whole set costs me more than 6 bucks but i guess it's ok.
now, why was i attracted to this freaking burger? because it looks bigger than the ultra sucky double cheeseburger.

come out, the damn thing damn small. look like cheebye. I damn tension. i open it up, no mayonnaise. KNNBCCB, my favourite part is mayo... then they no give me a lot of mayonnaise. Somemore no tomato. I later ate at City Square McD got tomato and a lot of mayonnaise wan. Then i think back. CCB, kena tipu ady.

see how big my fingers are compared to the burger?

curry ahoy!

So, I ate one bite. The thing damn kao. Inside got curry curry feeling wan... like pernah taste but dunno from where. and then also got the fries. wah, eating fries on the 9 days veggy thing is like heaven. i so syiok! yahooo!

tempting fries

float bitch!
also got strawberry float. conclusion. i damn like. except they cheat my mayonnaise and my tomato, i no like. i shoot the girl ccb. then the girl say, today got free refill. i say everyday also got lar. she say can refill my float.

float again! hahaha


at last see what i got?

go McD eat the veggy but the thing damn small like char siew pau. don't expect ta pau!

also, i got the momo-chan thingy where they are like selling it for 4 bucks or 3 bucks (forgot...)

.random lessons.

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