.caught red handed.

fuck XX and fuck you people who write about XX. The End. KTHXBAI.

no, i'm not actually posting about XX or about anti-XX. I'm talking about people. me, myself and irene.... *familiar?* hmm...

anyway, today i was sitting down and wandering. biasalah, in class nothing to do. what will happen if you caught your other half red handed?

no, not in bed. not in bed while having sex with another guy/gal. cause if you do caught them in some semi nude position with another person, kill him/her and plead insanity. it seems to work for some people. hehe. i mean, those are really over the line and under the belt okay. if this happens to me, i think i will kill my other half, his/her bitch and slay them fucking assholes up to the wall in some public place. kidding kidding...

anyway, what i mean is.. let's say something like.... you saw a msg from another girl/guy in his/her handphone. of course it is ... urm... spicy enough to assure you that they are having.. not sexual but just an affair..

what will you do to him/her?

here are some of my possible scenarios :

1. Confront her and ask her directly.
"WTF is this idiot mother fucking bastard (showing hp inbox to her)"

2. Hire someone to follow her or follow her yourself.
"jeng jeng jeng..."

3. Confront the other person.
"MCH, you dont call my gf again. I gangster you know. I kill you and your family. You make sure you dun call. Say sorry to me now! NOW! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY SORRY NOW!"

4. Break up with my other half without even asking for an explanation.
"Fuck you, I'm out of this circus relationship"

5. While having dinner, sleekly but affirmatively ask her who is the other person (for example.. Ken)
"Darling ar, who is this Ken I saw in your inbox today ha?"

6. Tell her parents
"Auntie Uncle ar, I think your daughter is having an affair behind my back. What should I do?"

7. Tell the other person's parents "Seek phone no. from yellow pages or through house phone (if she has one in her phone book."
"Auntie Uncle ar.. KNNBCCB, you tell your CB PUKI KIA to stay away from my girlfriend or I kill him and you two also. MCH. you better dun play play, I know people wan lor! I know where you live! You better be careful or I fuck you from here to China! MaKanNe"

8. Keep quiet.
"no lar, nothing bothering me"

9. Shout "damn bitch" in front of her workplace or class while doing homework or while the teacher is teaching.
Teacher : "X+ 12 = Y x 45, jadi A sama dengan....."
....................."DAMN BITCH"

10. Whack the fella and come back pretend nothing happened....
"Huh? No lar, just went out for a drink with friends.. the blood? my friend is having terminal cancer so he puked blood on my shirt. Pity the fella only"

for gals, change the male or female pronouns to the opposite gender. :)

What would you do?
sexual prey
October 18, 2005


mob1900 said…
Women are not that stupid to let you find out about it UNLESS they want you to find it in the first place. Just play along and act 'abit' Jelesler, then proceed to give her a night of HOT sex.

you can take that Ken's kneecap in the morning.
JoeC said…
ler, gather evidance first, like a detective trackin dwn the criminal, have to prove your gut instincts is right, if yes, then confront her by showing all the exhibits like in court. Of course, before going in, you've made up your mind to potong perhubungan la. Could be a stupid guy who try to hit on her ler, so get the facts right then act. Art of War...your intelligence must be solid. Cheers!
Jimmy Ang said…
mob : you sure or not? what's your gf hp no har?

joec... wah, so keng man.. but once i see i sure "puuu hui" (on fire) wan!
Anonymous said…
lmao. should change #3 a bit. "u make sure u dun call. i dun wan to hear u say sorry, say sorry also i will kill u". more geng mar..
#6 is .. haha sad lar.
Jimmy Ang said…
#3 should change, haha!


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