.going back to PENANG.

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yay! I'm going back to Penang this Friday! I love the smell there. Miss my home, miss everything there.

it actually looks a bit dirtier now compared to the image... hehe!
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October 25, 2005


Wingz said…
oi my thing how ?? mana mau lari !!!
Jimmy Ang said…
hmmm... e-mail me wei.

and i really have difficulty dunno how to put in the 8 leung kum pic.

anyway i see it also spoil.

but i thinking of some some colourful scheme. maybe sky blue with dark blue and white...

and the only problem is 8 leung kum lar. if not early early finsh ady. haha

dun worry. coming soon ok?

just very hard.... nowadays. suddenly idea block!
Wingz said…
haha idea block is just like constipation ... eat more papaya lol


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