.PADINI accused me of being a thief without any fucking proof.

well,today was any other fucking friday. except i went to this big freaking mall in JB called City Square. I wanted to watch DOOM. this i will post more about later.

anyway, the movie starts at 9.30 and it was only 8pm. naturally i went shopping while passing time.

i was wearing my Padini Jacket which I bought during the August Mega Sale in this exact same store. i mean, naturally it might be cold in the cinema and i was thinking, of course bring my jacket lar!

so, i walked into PADINI. (my first wrong step. it seems that the Chee bye policy in Padini is that you can't walk into the fucking store wearing a product of theirs.)

i was browsing around. there were quite a few people there, and i mean it is near Deepavali and Hari Raya.

On the way out I was approached by the guard. He asked me whether the jacket that I am donning is from their store. I laughed it off and said, yes, but i bought it a long time ago. He let me go. I was ok at first but a little embarassed.

So off I go and went into Levi's. Browsing around with my friend. Then see the price tag. KNNBCCB, so expensive. I also belahlar!

Then I walked out and walking and walking.

This fucker guard come again. some idiot who doesn't even look like a guard.

He asked me again when I bought the jacket and I said, last August Mega Sale. He asked me politely to follow him back to the shop. I was naturally thinking "this is bullshit" but I followed him in anyway.

Half way there, my friend was fuming with anger.

Once I got in, there seems to be this idiot worker (chinese boy) who says that he saw me came in to the shop without wearing a jacket but went out with a jacket. I was like WTF? I explained to him politely that I did went in there with a jacket and it's obvious that I'm gonna leave the place with a jacket. Besides I have my friend to proof that. The guard suggests that we talk inside the office.

So, me and my friend went in. And then there's this fathead blur idiot manager or some fucker lar. He asked what happened. And asked the worker to explain again. Naturally they spoke in some chinese mambo jumbo which i understand but i couldn't give a fuck what the hell they're talking about.

The manager then proceeded to ask me again,
"When did you purchase this jacket?"

OMFG, WTF is wrong with you all. Didn't I just say it like a thousand times. I was like CCB lar!

but i maintained my calm and explained everything. My friend who was there when i purchased it last time also told the fucking manager that we did purchase it and with a credit card. And he told the manager to fucking check the chee bye stock lar!

Then the manager asked to see my jacket.
I gave it to him.
He took it and zipped it up.

I was thinking, don't touch my fucking jacket which I FUCKING KNNBCCB buy OK! It's not your property OK you got proof you come and report police. Dun cheebye here and there. but i didn't. I managed my composure and watched him took it into a fucking room.

My friend told him that see the colour also know it's different lar. Then I say the fucking smell also different lar. He took the idiot worker who by now looks damn fucking scared. He even said "Um, sorry if it's a misunderstanding lar."

I was like. CCB, if you not sure then dun fucking accuse me in the first place lar.

Then the manager took 3 minutes in the office with the fucking boy. i think they were sodomising each other.

I mean, i was waiting in the office with these bunch of idiot PADINI workers who has no life than to come here and work as a receptionist or shit like that.

CCB, go back and study lar.

MCH! I mean I know they're innocent but I was damn pissed off.

after three minutes, the manager and the worker was still sodomising themselves inside the office. I decided to knock (see how good mannered I am!) and walk in. they didn't even have the courtesy to ask me to come in. I was waiting for like 10 seconds before I don give a flying fuck and barged in.

then the CB manager ask again. YES, the same question. Let me emphasize...
"When did you purchase this jacket?"
"When did you purchase this jacket?"
"When did you purchase this jacket?"

of course i omitted the chee bye. I didn't want to sound like a fucktard.

then my fren continued to screw them. I'm so proud of her. :)

The manager said "I believe you all didn't stole this jacket cause the colour is different so I wan to say sorry."

My friend said "SO?"

Then I told them "if you got proof and you ask us in it's ok. But now you like shit only ask us to come in without any proof."

He continued to apologize while the stupid chinese worker is still behind. (p/s: I'm also chinese ok.)

And then the chinese punya face look like want to white liddat. I see also no mood to fuck him.

my friend at last added "I don't want this to happen again,"they said ok.

He then continued. "Sorry, everyone also make mistakes and all that bullshit......."

I wanted to say, KNNBCCB. I slap you it's my mistake. you call me inside this fucking ugly room to see you sodomise the fucking worker is no mistake OK?!

And then me and my friend stormed out. FUCK THE CHEE BYE MANAGER AND THE FUCKING IDIOT WORKER AND THE FUCKING GUARD. never say sorry also.

I think back also hot. WHAT CAN I DO AS A CONSUMER TO ENSURE MY RIGHTS? I want to write a cheebye letter to the main office and ask them to screw these two fuckers.

REMEMBER, the moral of this story is... NEVER EVER GO INTO PADINI wearing their APPAREL cause they will say u CURI wan.

better yet, dun buy all together then no more MA FAN.

for google...
all this happened in PADINI, CITY SQUARE JOHOR BAHRU!

what your worker do and does reflects on you or your company. this error was irrectifiable. it brought me shame and might cause me more mental harm than i could ever imagine. i am a fragile boy... have you ever heard of post traumatic disorder syndrome?

all in all, it was really embarassing and i was really pissed off. I hate them to the core and i will continue to do so until a formal apology is made to me by these three fuckers. AMEN!

chee bye, make me no mood to post my review on DOOM only.

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October 21, 2005


earl-ku said…
i believe there is some sort of monitoring on the store like a cctv ... or even the cctv outisde the sore which belongs to the complex management

have them to check that - why did you remove your jacket? have them show u proof that it was stolen then only u talk to them

and challenge them to it - ask them what happens when they found out if it was not stolen ... very surely if it was stolen goods - you will be apprehended to the police ... ask them what happens when its not ... you will see the blur face in them ... never bow to fuckers like this

if i were you - after them clearing it up - i wan them give you the number to the general manager or the reginal manager ... these some fucking turds

i had my share too - i got a perfume set from Tangs a few years back, and got it wrapped - and the bitch who wrapped it forgot to took out the metal label which makes the detector goes off. the wrapping cost like RM30 itself.

so i walked over to Isetan to continue shopping when i walked in it was ok, then when i tried going on the escalator the detector just started blaring ... and no surprise a few house detectives appeared out of nowhere

they wanted to search my paper bags, i told them it must be the perfume i bought ... they wanted me to unwrapped it and open it up, i simply refuse and passed it to him to open it up - i said to the malay guard "kalau you nak buka, u buka la, tapi kalau itu bukan barang curi, saya mahu is dibalutkan semula dengan kertas dan ribbon yang saya beli di Tangs yang berharga RM30"

i was challenging him to open it up .. . even though there was a recipt there, he insisted me to open it up myself, a commotion as going on, the manager came and appologised as he said the cctv showed me clearly walking in with a bag ...
mob1900 said…
Guess most Malaysians can't be trusted with just a little bit of 'Pow-wah'(as voiced by James. Earl Jones-aka-D.Vader).

we're a Power-monger lot! lolx

and Jim,
don't worry, good of you to 'let the boy' go thinking he shouldn't be fired because of a 'little mishap'. the true is... he will screw himself again the next time he lies.

how's DOOM? how's DOOM? how's DOOM? how's DOOM? how's DOOM? how's DOOM? how's DOOM? how's DOOM?
akmj said…
what lah these people, why like that one?!?!
lynnee said…
maybe those idiots very the bored with their job ... so they go harrassing innocent ppl for kicks.

if i kena, i sure geram oso wan. very stupid of them to simply accuse ppl... next time everyone boycott their shop then how?

should have asked them to give some compensation... some freebie, perhaps. make the most out of a bad situation ;)
Jimmy Ang said…
earl : i did ask them to check the cctv. but i think they either 1. too lazy. 2. they know if check sure not my problem wan.

cause in the end i ask them to check 2 times. they buat dunno. the MCH fuckers.

mob : DOOM's ok... :)

angela : fuckers all liddat wan.

lynne : i was hoping for some freebie also.... but they din give. if give then maybe i no so "pu hui.." hahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
jessie: oklar , will post review about doom later.

glad things worked out for earl ku but damn sad cannot say the same thing with me.
Anonymous said…
haha..that's y i'm scared also to go into stores when i'm wearing their clothes or using their bags!!!

but jimmy, u can actually ask them to check the cctv (which i believed that they MUST have) before u take off ur jacket...it's ur rights as a consumer, no?
Anonymous said…
eeeiyerr so jahat! cacat betul lar nx time dun go there liao..hahaha


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