Wednesday, October 26, 2005

.smallville rocks my sox.

anyway, some of you might know that i'm a huge freaking smallville fan. and i just love smallville.

so much for my credibility.

anyway, at the end of the last season (season 4).. i was left hanging because my source for smallville has been cut off. damn chee bye.

so, how? i had to find other means. and then that day i just watched season 5 episode three.

the first thing that comes out was the CCB, KNN superman is fucking Kristin Kreuk or Lana Lang. MCH, i leave the show for a few episodes and this is what they do to me?

they make these two fuckers (who has been having a hard time even confessing...) fucking?

i mean, WTF?

what did i miss? what did i miss? I simply must go and get the second and first episode of Smallville Season 5. And want to know what happened to episode three?

Go get it yourself dickhead! :)



mob1900 said...

In episode 1 & 2, season 5, it was ME who's bonking Lana Lang aka Kristin...waaaaaahahahaha

5-5 go get it coz you will miss all my action with her! lolx

J!MMY said...

lampa lar....

i puke blood if you bonk her!


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