.crabs for RM15.

*not for the puasa* or the faint hearted...

the other day i went to Pantai Lido to get some freaking "ikan bakar" cause my fucking friend recommended it. It was better than a lot of other places but nothing freaking fantastic.

plus it's damn expensive can or not?

they say it's the best in JB. I dread to think of the food quality in JB.

but this is not the freaking point. let me introduce the place where i had my utmost satisfaction.


the place is near Jusco Tmn. Uni in Skudai Johor. The restaurant is called Liu Soon. They're selling 3 crabs (small but still ok) for the price for RM15. And one fish.. quite big eh... for the price of RM10.

I dunno what this shit is called cause i fucking hate remembering stuffs in Chinese. But it's not some black peper shit. I hate black pepper. CAN?

Some more imagery to mess your tummy and to increase the seafood industry in Malaysia.


Leen IS a MAFIA said…
It doesnt look like food. It looks like...a glob of... very oily ash on a plate. Heh.
J!MMY said…
never judge a book by it's cover. it's da bomb!
bUttsH4k3r said…
you're not singaporean leh, can?!


man, i'd like to eat some crabs :(
Jessie said…
wah.. crab..*drool
J!MMY said…
butty : haha! i live near singapore ler, CAN?

jessie: hahaha!