.i'm so over university life.

yes, it's almost the end of my ordeal in university. i know one day i'll look back and think that these 5 years are one of the best 5 years spent in my life. but, no actually i think it's the suckiest!

imagine a day without sleep until 4 am. multiply it by 12 times a semester and you get how drowsy i am now.

again, imagine a class full of 42 girls having their PMS.. and you wouldn't know which one's having so you wouldn't know who to avoid. besideds, i'd be damned if i am going to count the days...

i mean, they're all great but they just aren't.. guys. i can't talk to them about guy stuffs. i can't talk to them about relationships, about football, about life from my eyes. i can't talk to them during class and i can't invite them out. cause they'd be going like. OMG, is he trying to court me? eww.

I'd go like WTF?

anyway, i don't know about yours but mine pretty much sucks. it's been a hectic 5 years. the first year was good. the second was when my dad passed away which made it even fucked up. and then there's always educational loan to fuck you up again.

to top it all off, i'm studying in JB. the home of ah bengs and what not. they're like the NOOBS!

fuck the people in JB. they don't even have a decent pub here.

anyway, I'm looking forward to the 28th. I'm going back then. :) hooray penang, await my arrival!

I've been pretty bored to my freaking skulls. if i ain't bored, i'd be busy. which sucks none the less. and these fucked up lecturers keep shoving assignments up our ass. i think my asshole has increased by 5 inch since coming here.

i miss penang? why? i miss my family. i miss the food, i miss the LIFE. at least i have one there.

anyway, it's almost the end of the semester and my loan isn't in yet. i ain't putting up much hope there. just thinking of fucking them up tomorrow. again for google:


knnbccb, they really make my life a living shit.

my place here is dirty, cause i can't be bothered to clean them. i mean, i'm moving out in another few months, which means i'm like moving everything back mid of next year. i don;t know what to do with my tables, colour boxes and even my shitty stuffs that i don't want.

anyone in need of tables or colour boxes next year? come to find me, cheap cheap i give you. Speaking of cheap cheap. My friend told me that people from singapore who come over to JB would usually act like a chick.. i would go why?

they say it's because they would see everything and go "CHEAP CHEAP!"

KNNBCCB, so lancy!

anyway, i was in a multimedia competition last wednesday. my group got no.2. the prize is a hamper and a lousy shirt. wtf? i thought it was cash. at least i was led to believe, anyway, during november i would be busy with my NaNoWriMo.

So, I might be posting less here. Or I might ask for a few guestbloggers to post here. I don't know. I'll see how it goes. Anyone interested to guestblog here?
October 20, 2005


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