Tuesday, March 31, 2009

.the international - review.

i went out with Abbas to watch The International. God, if Hollywood goes out and make another freaking blockbuster movie with TERRORIST shit in it, I am going to explode.

It was a really dumb boring movie. The beginning was dumb. I think in the end, they never did explain how the first guy died. The middle was dumb. A lot of confusing plots with no substantial evidence and stupid CIA FBI police shit. The end was mindblowingly DUMB.

In the end, it made me dumber for watching it. Thanks a lot Hollywood. Also, special thanks to Tom Tykwer. Rest assured, this will go into the enormous compilation of useless movies you have accumulated in your lifetime.

Special shoutout goes to Clive Owen who should have known better, bitch. And also Naomi Watts... who after making King Kong... should HAVE freaking KNOWN better. Read the stupid script.

Kthnxbai. This is a very biased non-objective review of the movie, The International.

Monday, March 30, 2009

.hotel re-nai.

Kalo orang cakap dia ada function kat hotel renai? Adakah imej ini lintas di fikiran anda?

"I ada function kat 're-nai-san hotel'" kata si jelita dalam phone gua.

"'re-nai'?" Aku tergamat.

"Ya, 're-nai' alar... hotel femes tu. Takkan you tak kenal?" Jelas si jelita.

"Sumpah ku tak kenal. Hotel tu dalam hutan ke?" tanya aku.

Aku tidak bersikap sarkastik. Cuma ada unsur unsur kehutanan dalam perkataan 're-nai' tu.

"Ish, you ni sengaja. Malas lah nak cakap dengan you" Marah si jelita.

Terkejut aku.

Dengan nada yang lebih tegas. Aku bercakap "Eh, yang aku tak tahu apa si 're-nai' tu pun you nak merajuk ke? Esok aku tanya satu kampung. Tengok mereka kenal tak si 're-nai' ni!"

"Alah, hotel tu dekat KL pun ada. Takkan tak tahu! Jgn marah lar" pujuk si jelita.

"Re-nai?" aku cuba berfikir sejenak. "Hotel tu dalam PUDU ke?" tanya aku sambil tersengih.

"RENAISS..." si jelita tu cuba mengeja.

"RENAISSANCE" cakap aku. kemudian kami gelak sampai nak runtuh bumbung bilik.

Baru aku paham. Tetiba, jatuh standard hotel ni.


My Project 365 Bokeh will commence this Wednesday. Basically, its a picture a day crap but all my pictures must have some out of focus qualities to accommodate the bokeh theme. Hopefully, I'll have time on my hands for this. I'm expecting some left out days but I'll try my best.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

.online @ earth hour.

semalam gua sambut Earth hour sorang sorang dalam rumah. dalam keadaan gelap, gua hidupkan Epal gua dan layan internet.

Mmg gua tutup lampu. sumpah. Satu rumah gelap gelita. Tapi kipas dan modem gua jalan lagi.

tak banyak yang online. kawan kawan ku semo pandai. letak status "invisible".

Aku layan lagi 15 minit dan letak status "invisible" juga. Bukan sebab gua tak mahu orang tahu gua online, tapi dalam rumah sepi ini... gua rasa macam halimunan.

*tetiba lepas 15 minit, gua rasa macam nak layan p0rn aje* sbb gua halimunan!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

.this weekend & some plugs.

I've got some events lined up for this week, first of all... I'm waiting for the arrival of my OEM CF bonnet from EeLin @ Dope. Then I think it'll only take a few more days before my ride is finally out of the workshop. Hopefully it'll reach by tomorrow.

Also, this 28th, me, Edz and Ndru will be attending the Alpha Penang Workshop and Challenge @ Gurney Hotel. Hoping to learn some tricks or two from the workshop. I'm not really gung-ho on the technical aspects but taking good pictures, angles and the likes of it really ticks me. I love a good picture. I always do, always will.

Come next 23rd till 24th May 2009, the 2009 Dragon Boat Festival will be held at the Teluk Bahang dam. Visit their webportal here. I'll be there *-^

if you're in the market for something special especially for your loved ones. try to check out some of these lovely wacky doodles a friend of mine made. It will ship all the way from US and rest assured, it will be one in a million.

a re-link of my previous post about earth hour. cause everyone's doing it and you're not cool if you're not.


akaun flickr gua sudah menjadi tahap "pro"

lepas ini gua nak buat kad nama untuk BLAM! dan lekatkan "PRO" tepi nama gua.
Amacam? Ada nampak macho kah?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's been a while

since I've blogged right. Basically Monday I was down with a very bad case of stomach gastric.

It lasted till today. And I'm exhausted still from all the sleeping and not eating. basically, everything i ate just went out in the form of puke. It wasn't a nice feeling. Thus from Monday till today, I've only eaten twice. And I've puked twice. In between I've had dozens of medications.

Hopefully I can start work tomorrow, it has been piling up.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

.Penang from Mt Pleasure.

This is Penang taken from Mount Pleasure, Batu Ferringhi.

For the past few days I've been sick. Its mentally and physically demanding. I think I've used up every ounce of energy left up to my bones. There's an event tonight which I'm still contemplating because I'm totally exhausted. A dull Jack is no fun and definitely a party pooper.

BTW, my mate waterbun celebrated her Birthday last Thursday so... a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!


My tangan gatal ady, I want a new header design for Project BLAM!. But I'm damn lazy.

There's an event I'll be covering next month. Organized by Penang Tourism & Holiday Inn Resort. Stay tuned for more info.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

.Goodbye Aifaa.

more pictures of Aifaa&Beep in my flickr.

Beep left yesterday morning I think. Aifaa will be leaving early tomorrow. I tried to meet up with her just now but she's just too busy. She still looks as fine as the first day I met her in UTM. Me on the other hand, has grown by leaps and bounds. not for the good part, I think.

BTW, I'm now fully running MAC and no longer Windows dependent thanks to Ndru and his crazy lots of pirated collection.

p/s: you can now access this website/blog through www.projectblam.com.

Friday, March 20, 2009

.Aifaa & Beep.

Aifaa and Beep was here in Penang. We had a chance to meet up although Beep tried to screw us both but in the end... she kind of made it. She owes us big time.

Anyway, we had fun talking and lepaking. Visited Fort Cornwallis for the first time with Aifaa. I didn't bring my camera thus we had to camwhore with Aifaa's Sony Ericsson W890i. A wonderful tool if I may insist.

I will post pictures of Aifaa once my mum comes back from her course. She took my laptop. Suddenly, flashbacks from this episode occured.


I'm still feeling drowsy. Maybe from all the late night sleeping, maybe from the fever yesterday. But one thing's for sure... I need more sleep. I'm heading over to Penang later and getting my front bumper. Hopefully I can get my car fixed by this month.

I know I've been rambling about quitting alcohol, but the other day... ppl served me FREE alcohol. Now why would I resist FREE alcohol?

God damn it, I need more restraint.

Also, some of you might've heard me talking about moving over to Port Klang as my next career step. But looking at Penang just gives me this calm serene feeling. Like it was meant to be my home. The laidback attitude. The nice mamak stalls. The colonial buildings. The superb beaches and crazy ass people. I haven't applied to be transferred and I'm thinking... maybe I just need a good place to settle down. Life is much more than money. Life is about making every second matter.

Let's flip a coin.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

.Congrats to Alvin & Kathryn.

Alright, this is the end of my photography posts till my Project 365 bokeh. I've still got tons of unedited pictures in my lappie waiting to be uploaded to my flickr and some to FB.

BTW, it was great learning the ups and downs of photography. Now I just need a long rest and some good food.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

.IFOODEX 2009 and my weekends.

I had a great weekend. Its tiring and even as I type this, I feel this pinge of sleepiness which I guess will need some time to creep out.

First of all, congratulations to my mate Ndru for making the PIFF a success for Penangites. I was there for food and the concert. Judging by the amount of people, it was great. The lighting was great, the tents were big. Ample parking space, it wasn't filled to the brim and there were dedicated walkways. There were clowns, performers, balloons, great food... basically everything for everyone.

The DJ was great and the on-stage competitions were great. The funniest part was the sucking 'Balithong' competition. 'Balithong' is a type of snail and sucking it out requires a certain degree of skill. Great kissers should excel in it. *-^

The performers were Shila, Meet Uncle Hussain and Dafi. I didn't get to see Dafi but Shila and MUH were great. They were patient with their fans, they were great performers and Shila even brought her younger sister which truthfully, has some potential. Albeit a bit shy at times.

MUH brought back the crowd on Saturday and they tried to involve the crowd.

Lan (lead singer) shouted "Who doesn't like food? Raise up your hand."
Haha, so perfectly themed.

Also a big thank you to Penang TOURISM for making this event possible.

On Sunday, Alvin the Chipmunk got married with his long time sweetheart, Kathryn. It was a great event and we were there for the ride, for the reception, Church wedding and wedding dinner.

damn it note * now i have to go back to work. kthnxbai.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

.PIFF 2009.

lots of pictures. great events. wonderful atmosphere. delicious food. a stage to kill. what more?

edited for Sat March 14 update.

Friday, March 13, 2009

.too much of something.

everywhere i go, its iPhone this and iPhone that. i mean, its exciting and all that hype is great. Maxis finally launched the iPhone in Malaysia so you Applenatics don't need to crack shit for this piece of ass... but...


Who wants a phone without a fucking keypad anyway?
The real hardcores go for Blackberries and Sidekicks.

What's so fucking special about an iPhone? I've seen it all over the road by almost every fucking treehugger with a nose. These iPhones don't irk me. Just the wannabes who talk about iPhone like its the next best shit since air conditioning.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

.long time no see.

This image could be better if flash was directed through a softbox from the top right. Currently lighted by the billboard lights below the building right side.

i yearn for a wireless flash.

p/s: finished 2 images for my 365 bokeh days. Somehow, 365 seems like a large sum now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


gua sudah dapat call dari kedai komputer Mac. Nama dia Alex. Dia kata gua punya power port, keyboard and trackpad sudah 'kong'. Kena tukar baru... harganya RM493.

Benda Mac mahal. Kalo tak mahal gua mana beli?

Jadi bulan ini gua sudah sempit. *~*

Bukan cam betina sempit.
Sempit wang lah...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.cellulite thighs.

fat cellulite chicks should be banned from wearing mini skirts.

they should.

it's not that I'm against them wearing them... well, maybe I am but its more of what they do with these ridiculously short skirt that made me wanna puke cellulite out of my mouth.

i was going to Gurney Plaza and hoping to get my Macbook settled so I parked in front of G-Hotel (located beside Gurney Plaza). There was a Honda City parked at the taxi ONLY area in front of the hotel. Then this fat being got down and opened the trunk and proceeded to bend down searching for her bags, maybe her shoes or even her lost g-strings. I don't know but in that moment of action. All of her thighs are mine to see. It was as if the moon landed on her thighs and bonded with her skin. She had these cellulite marks and I bet a bit of flip up that skirt and her pussies will be available for the WWW. Believe me, If I had my DSLR, I would zoom and zoom.

I wanted to advise her but as I approached her, I noticed she was on the phone with her head buried in the trunk. I mean, you usually bring something out of the trunk and proceed to search for it. Not bury your freaking head in the trunk like an ostrich and wiggle like a mad cow.

Another reason why I refuse to buy a car with a trunk is that I would NEVER ever be reminded of events like these every freaking time I peer into my trunk.

Now, who wants ice-cream?

p/s: I'm starting Project 365 Bokeh. What is bokeh? It will begin 1st of April. Now I have to stock up some for those days that I will not be free. Also, awaiting my Macbook...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

.I'm switching, are you?

This 28th March, at 8:30pm. Where every switch counts.

For far too long we've been ignoring the signs of global warming. Most of you know what it is, there has been much media coverage on this issue so I guess there's not much need for me to elaborate on how it affects the world.

How many times have we said that we want to make a difference in this world? How many times have we tried to save the world with one action at a time only to contradict them later?

Truthfully, every single action counts and although we may not always be earth conscious... we try our best to save the earth one simple action at a time.

On March 28 you can VOTE to save EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour.
Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. They want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming.

This is the time your action counts. This might be the only time where your one single action is looked upon by the billions of people residing earth. Switch wisely.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

.mana Stadium Negara?

Gua sudah bersiap untuk pergi konsert pukul 6.30 malam. Berbekalkan sebuah beg berisi kamera, gua pergi menuju ke arah Stesen LRT Salak Selatan. Destinasi gua ialah Bukit Jalil.

Ini sebab dua orang bodoh beritahu gua Stadium Negara ada di sebelah Stadium Bukit Jalil. Gua tidak tahu. Apa nak tahu, gua bukannya orang KL. Gua bukannya selalu pergi Stadium buat lumba lari.

Gua berpeluh sebab gua jalan agak jauh ke stesen LRT. Panas lagi pukul 6.30 malam itu. Takpe, gua sabar sebab berbekalkan semangat jitu, gua memang ingin sangat nak tengok konsert ini. Kalo tak ROCK, esok gua beli bom tangan dari Bin Laden dan letupkan Stadium Negara.

Tengah LRT itu jalan, tiba tiba telefon gua berdering. Awek itu kata gua sudah salah, patut pergi ke Stadium MERDEKA dekat dengan PUDU. Gua gelabah. Sebab gua tak tahu macam mana keluar. Nak naik teksi atau terus menggunakan LRT?

Gua turun di Stesen Bukit Jalil dan tanya kak kaunter (semua makcik dekat kaunter atau menjual barang gua panggil 'kak' sebab baru macho) "Kak, nak pergi Stadium Merdeka henti dekat Hang Tuah?

"YA" jawab kak kaunter itu dengan muka penuh keinginan mencekik I sebab kebodohan I. Dia tanya ada apa di sana.

Gua jawab "Konsert." Gua ingat kalau nak 'explain' si Jason Mraz itu, gua tak sempat sampai Stadium Negara dah.

Jadi, berbekalkan tiket baru gua menuju ke arah Hang Tuah. Sesampai di Hang Tuah, gua tanya lagi mamak MACHO kat kedai surat khabar bawah stesen itu mana Stadium Negara? Sambil itu gua malu dan beli sebotol air. "Cover".

Dia kata "Jalan depan pusing kanan, dekat saja"

Gua angguk dan terus jalan sampai ke penghujung jalan dan pusing kanan. Tak nampak lagi. Sudah agak jauh gua jalan. Gua berhenti dalam stesen BHP dan tanya mamak MACHO jaga pam.

"Boss, mana Stadium Negara?"

"Belakang sini. Jalan balik dan ikut kiri".

Macam main taichi berdolak dalih dua puaka ini.

Gua jalan balik secara perlahan. Ini kerana peluh gua sudah sampai ke lubang perut gua.
5 minit kemudian, gua NAMPAK STADIUM itu! Rupanya gua sudah terlepas Stadium Negara tadi.

Gua bertekad tidak akan melakukan kesalahan yang memalukan seperti ini lagi. Gua kalah kepada otak dua orang Mamak MACHO yang jaga surat khabar dan jaga stesen pam serta seorang kak jaga kaunter.

Gua tidak mahu malu lagi. Gua bertekad akan celik arah.

Cakap, CAKAP
... Mana nak beli mesin GPS yang cantum ngan jam tangan?

Friday, March 6, 2009

.Shila and Meet Uncle Hussain.

i'm here to blog about another event by a good friend of mine. Penang will be having this Battle of the chefs and I believe there is no greater place to conduct this event other than Penang, the island where good food merge. I may be exaggerating cause some of you still think your hometown has the best food whatnot bla bla bla. But you just can't fight with the statistics. The stats are... every freaking map or guide will tell you that Penang is a food heaven.

the 12th Battle of the Chefs will be held on 13,14 and 15th of March 2009 in PISA.

But I will not be there for the iFoodex or Battle of the Chefs. I will be there for the hot and sexy SHILA of OIAM fame. Here's her commercial for Coke. I will also be there for Meet Uncle Hussain of the "La la la la kerja" and "Untukmu" (soundtrack KAMI) fame.

Shila of OIAM 8TV

I will not be there for DAFI from AF5 fame. I have a wedding to attend. Alvin's wedding. Sorry Dafi but I aint leaving Alvin's once in a lifetime marriage for some AF5 dude.

Oh, I will have backstage, frontstage and... onstage (kidding) passes courtesy of the GREAT almighty Ndru. Pls visit his post for more in depth details.

13th March (9.30pm) - Shila OIAM
14th March(9.30pm) - Meet Uncle Hussain


Thursday, March 5, 2009

.its MRAZ time.

p/s: more pictures from my flickr pool


we had fun in KL. The concert was a blast, although the duet with Penny Tai was a bit sombre and lacklustre.

btw, the SAL50F14 came in my mailbox right before the journey and believe me, it is the king of low light. Great portraiture lens. Worth every freaking penny I paid for it.

For some examples, you can visit my flickr. I dun want to bore some of you who has no interest whatsoever in photography.


p/s: STILL fucking waiting for my Threadless tee. It's been a month dudes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

.On Sunday, we snapped.

Authentic toast and half boiled eggs in Georgetown. Not those Old Town / Georgetown / New Town / Kocha / Whatever over commercialized shit. Located along a small pathway near Hutton lane.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

.modifikasi kereta ke ni?

Gua tak banyak duit. Tapi gua suka mod kereta gua.

Semalam, atas jambatan Pulau Pinang, gua cuba mod kereta gua dari Suzuki Swift jadi Perodua Viva.

Tak jadi...


p/s: I found out that taking a good photo is hard. Composition, lighting, framing... Taking one that you like is even harder. It takes much practice and a lot of unnecessary captures just to get that one perfect shot. But in the end, when you see that picture which you love... it makes everything beautiful all over again.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...