.this weekend & some plugs.

I've got some events lined up for this week, first of all... I'm waiting for the arrival of my OEM CF bonnet from EeLin @ Dope. Then I think it'll only take a few more days before my ride is finally out of the workshop. Hopefully it'll reach by tomorrow.

Also, this 28th, me, Edz and Ndru will be attending the Alpha Penang Workshop and Challenge @ Gurney Hotel. Hoping to learn some tricks or two from the workshop. I'm not really gung-ho on the technical aspects but taking good pictures, angles and the likes of it really ticks me. I love a good picture. I always do, always will.

Come next 23rd till 24th May 2009, the 2009 Dragon Boat Festival will be held at the Teluk Bahang dam. Visit their webportal here. I'll be there *-^

if you're in the market for something special especially for your loved ones. try to check out some of these lovely wacky doodles a friend of mine made. It will ship all the way from US and rest assured, it will be one in a million.

a re-link of my previous post about earth hour. cause everyone's doing it and you're not cool if you're not.


akaun flickr gua sudah menjadi tahap "pro"

lepas ini gua nak buat kad nama untuk BLAM! dan lekatkan "PRO" tepi nama gua.
Amacam? Ada nampak macho kah?
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March 26, 2009


Samantha said…
eeeek! Thanks for the lovely wacky doodles! HUGSsss...

BTW I've actually never been to a Dragon Boat Festival before :( ...Tell me about it after you go k?
Jimmy Ang said…
Hopefully there'll be stories to tell.


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