Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's been a while

since I've blogged right. Basically Monday I was down with a very bad case of stomach gastric.

It lasted till today. And I'm exhausted still from all the sleeping and not eating. basically, everything i ate just went out in the form of puke. It wasn't a nice feeling. Thus from Monday till today, I've only eaten twice. And I've puked twice. In between I've had dozens of medications.

Hopefully I can start work tomorrow, it has been piling up.

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suyi said...

sounds like you had stomach flu or gastroenteritis more than gastric. u need to prob drink sweet stuff like chrysanthemum drinks or glucose water? :)

syeidafiz said...


Anonymous said...

cepat sembuh bro.


ndru said...

get well how many kilos u lost? i guess your water bill will be high for this month for your constant flushing.
see u soon.

aifaa said...

hey you..get well okay.
p/s: i hope it's not cuz of the disgusting sotong in the pasembur.*gag*

zeemi said...

suyi, yes.. it should be gastroenterititis. but i'm better now.

penguin, nope. much to my dismay.

edz, ok bro.

ndru, my water bill won't be high. i only puked twice. read carefully.

aifaa, well, you didn't get it. so shouldn't be... unless i caught the only one with the "rojak, rojak, rojak" chanting man punya saliva.

aifaa said...

oh man. i just got that chant outta my it's back in. demmit!

Samantha said...

glad you're better now...I hate puking...I recently had a series of puking from eating too much dim sum, seafood and weird chocolate curry gelato >< ...I'm such a PIG