.IFOODEX 2009 and my weekends.

I had a great weekend. Its tiring and even as I type this, I feel this pinge of sleepiness which I guess will need some time to creep out.

First of all, congratulations to my mate Ndru for making the PIFF a success for Penangites. I was there for food and the concert. Judging by the amount of people, it was great. The lighting was great, the tents were big. Ample parking space, it wasn't filled to the brim and there were dedicated walkways. There were clowns, performers, balloons, great food... basically everything for everyone.

The DJ was great and the on-stage competitions were great. The funniest part was the sucking 'Balithong' competition. 'Balithong' is a type of snail and sucking it out requires a certain degree of skill. Great kissers should excel in it. *-^

The performers were Shila, Meet Uncle Hussain and Dafi. I didn't get to see Dafi but Shila and MUH were great. They were patient with their fans, they were great performers and Shila even brought her younger sister which truthfully, has some potential. Albeit a bit shy at times.

MUH brought back the crowd on Saturday and they tried to involve the crowd.

Lan (lead singer) shouted "Who doesn't like food? Raise up your hand."
Haha, so perfectly themed.

Also a big thank you to Penang TOURISM for making this event possible.

On Sunday, Alvin the Chipmunk got married with his long time sweetheart, Kathryn. It was a great event and we were there for the ride, for the reception, Church wedding and wedding dinner.

damn it note * now i have to go back to work. kthnxbai.
March 16, 2009


Anonymous said…
thanks jimmy for coming and shooting those great pics. i will upload some of mine when i m free.make sure u pass me some of the pics when we meet. dafi was seriously good with the crowd.
Jimmy Ang said…
no problem. I will pass you the un-watermarked version when we meet. Or I'll upload it to your server. Your server sudah ada a few kan? Left concert ones only.


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