.On Sunday, we snapped.

Authentic toast and half boiled eggs in Georgetown. Not those Old Town / Georgetown / New Town / Kocha / Whatever over commercialized shit. Located along a small pathway near Hutton lane.
March 2, 2009


did you get the sony alpha?
Anonymous said…
i like this pict. next photo session i bring you to a chinese roti bakar place. been there for quite sometime and our current cm and cm always go there for breakfast.

High roller! beli xpensive punya brand LOL
zeemi said…
Edz: Dun talk only. I will wait for it.

Sam: Not expensive enough. Should've gotten a Leica. Then my camera can take picture by itself while I sit at home enjoying a cuppa.
ndru said…
nice pic but personally i prefer it not to be in black & white as it does not reflect the actual mood of the morning.
budakbarublaja said…
jim jim...u datang la amek gambar wedding i nnt...kira test power camera ko lar..
zeemi said…
ndru, colours could've been much better but i chose black and white cause its too dark inside.

azurro, where is your wedding? you bayar utk penginapan and travelling? haha. "insyallah" aku sampai nanti.


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