Tuesday, March 10, 2009

.cellulite thighs.

fat cellulite chicks should be banned from wearing mini skirts.

they should.

it's not that I'm against them wearing them... well, maybe I am but its more of what they do with these ridiculously short skirt that made me wanna puke cellulite out of my mouth.

i was going to Gurney Plaza and hoping to get my Macbook settled so I parked in front of G-Hotel (located beside Gurney Plaza). There was a Honda City parked at the taxi ONLY area in front of the hotel. Then this fat being got down and opened the trunk and proceeded to bend down searching for her bags, maybe her shoes or even her lost g-strings. I don't know but in that moment of action. All of her thighs are mine to see. It was as if the moon landed on her thighs and bonded with her skin. She had these cellulite marks and I bet a bit of flip up that skirt and her pussies will be available for the WWW. Believe me, If I had my DSLR, I would zoom and zoom.

I wanted to advise her but as I approached her, I noticed she was on the phone with her head buried in the trunk. I mean, you usually bring something out of the trunk and proceed to search for it. Not bury your freaking head in the trunk like an ostrich and wiggle like a mad cow.

Another reason why I refuse to buy a car with a trunk is that I would NEVER ever be reminded of events like these every freaking time I peer into my trunk.

Now, who wants ice-cream?

p/s: I'm starting Project 365 Bokeh. What is bokeh? It will begin 1st of April. Now I have to stock up some for those days that I will not be free. Also, awaiting my Macbook...


Anonymous said...

if she's hot like an angel, hell ya i dont mind. kemungkinan besar, i will come out from my car and ask her to bend more.. hahaha


Anonymous said...

I'ma girl and I still absolutely agree!!! Bikinis as well. Oh gosh, the bravery of some to expose their excess baggage!!!!

There should be a law to ban them from doing so

ndru said...

can i join ur bokeh project ?but my lense not cekap like urs

ndru said...

can i join ur bokeh project ?but my lense not cekap like urs

zeemi said...

Ms Confession, dun remind me of bikinis.... ewwww.

Ndru, the photographer cekap enough.

ndru said...

so meaning i cant join la?

zeemi said...

can, you cekap enough. No need lense.

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