Wednesday, December 31, 2008

.2008 to 2009.

My 2008 New Year Resolution - reviewed.

1. forgot all the stressful shit at work and focus on the results. not the process... even if the process sucks.
- SUCCESS. I'm less stressful now.
2. never bring work back home.
- guilty but successful to a certain degree. It's rare but occasionally I do.
3. have fun working and work at your own time at your own pace.
- Less working more time. Need to improve on this.
4. look like you're having fun and laugh like you mean it.
- I always have FUN. The laughing part... see below.
5. never look down on people's jokes... always laugh like you mean it.
- kinda hard when it doesn't tickle. fail.
6. be confident, i may not know what bullshit i'm talking about but i'm sure i know how to bullshit out of it.
7. never take any bull from any other person other than your boss... cause you're not paid high enough to take bull from your customers.
- i am still tolerant but so far no one's gone over the line yet.
8. have fun and never resist fun when it comes knocking.
- guilty of turning things down due to some boring ppl. need to find crazy mofo friends.
9. get out more and look-see the world more.
- still working on the financial part.
10. learn to love better.

Things I did in 2008.

1. Bought my new car.
2. Failed to go to the Jay Chou World Tour because of "idiot" friends. Yes, that means MiniVin, JollyYeap and SillySeng. Of course I'm one too.
3. went to Bangkok. Almost called a hooker.
4. had a nightmare meeting net friends at 12.30 am.
5. Lost a dog, adopted another.
6. had an accident with two breastbags popping out.
7. met up with Hani at KL after like soo many years.
8. lost SweetSam.
9. went to Maskara Shorties with so many of my ex-classmates.
10. Gambling @ Genting. Lame but my first time. My virgin experience.

My 2009 Resolution.

1. Earn more. (take up part time jobs and take them seriously.)
2. Meet more people. (attend more gatherings. Be friendly)
3. Go more places. (travel to a destination every 3 months)
4. Workout more. (30 minutes on workouts everyday. Be consistent)
5. Sleep more. (Sleep on weekdays by 12.00 maximum)

There... simple, easy and nice.

Have a blessed New Year and Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

.my kicks.

What do you do when you feel bored and poor? Sulking about the economy and shit?

Secretly, I'm a shopaholic.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

.gempa bumi.

Kita berempat bermain poker diatas kerusi "siap bina" piknik budak budak. jenis yang boleh dibawa ke taman dan dibuka dan dipasang.

Meja itu tak tulis ada had berat pun. Apa lagi? Kita berempat pun bermain Texas Hold-Em Poker atas meja piknik kecil itu.

Gua ada dua kad, Satu 3 dan satu lagi K. Memang tipis peluang aku untuk menang.

Tapi atas meja ada kad "3,6,3,3,Q".

Kesimpulannya. Kad gua kad yang terbesar. Kebarangkalian ada orang yang lebih besar dari gua memang tak ada.

Apa lagi, gua pun mengambil peluang ini melatah semua bet yang ada dalam meja. Gua up lagi dengan RM250.

Budak itu terkedut kedut ikut. Mungkin dia ada kad Q yang terbesar. Entah lah. Tapi gua yakin.

Gua pun buka kad gua dan menunjukkan kad gua. Memang sah gua menang.

Tiba tiba ada gempa bumi.

Di saat kemenangan terhebat gua, gempa bumi menyebabkan kerusi gua patah.

Diorang kata gua paling gemuk. Tidak, gua tak percaya. Memang gempa bumi.

Diam diam gua menyimpan kerusi "siap bina" piknik budak budak itu. Tapi dalam perjalanan balik gua ala senyap seperti James Bond menimbang diri. 72kg. Gua nak body seperti Nicole ritchie lepas ini. Paling banyak 35 kg saja. Amacam, masa itu.. mesti orang tak samakan gua dengan badan Jack Black lagi.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


NottyNit came back for Christmas eve, so we decided that we must gather around all our ex-classmates and have a reunion for Christmas Eve.

The problem with a reunion on a Christmas Eve is that every freaking place in Penang which is hip and happening is ... Full, Packed, Jammed, F-ed up... whatever.

So we squeezed our head to think of a place and gathered suggestions from everyone.
We were at the brink of absolute decision when HippyHajar texted NottyNit saying that she knows this freaking place with fishes "yang MMG FRESH".

Tadaa..... (ignore those dirty empty dishes. we were hungry. waited an hour and more for the food)

i was standing awkwardly because it's hard squeezing into a 10 cm space.

Standing: Zimmy and HippyHajar.
Sitting: JollyYeap, AbsolutAen, MasterMai, NottyNit

Standing: HippyHajar and Hubby.
Sitting: Zimmy, AbsolutAen, MasterMai, NottyNit

Tak sangka classmates ako tinggal 5 sahaja. Yang lagi satu tu hubby HippyHajar. Minivin tak datang. Minivin gatal, pergi tengok "ip man". XD

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


*blah* post deleted. too lazy to write anything meaningful. life's been such a bore.

tomorrow might be different though. *-^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

.experience books.

my next few few weeks of night will be filled with these two reads:

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

The Devil's Right Hand Man, The True Story of Serial Killer Robert C Browne

i'm not intellectual, in fact i think i'm far from it. but reading gives me a chance to imagine and experience. it might not be something i experience but through other people's experience i learn about things.

Small things like the way the streets of New York light up during the night. The view from Maldives. The distant sound of a wolf's cry. Maybe even the thinking of a girl abused physically and emotionally.

Sometimes I learn about love and I learn how to appreciate love. I learn to love the blue skies during an early morning, the smell of fresh cut grass and the taste of fresh plucked tomatoes from the gardens of Guangdong.

There are so many things to learn about this world. And I try to learn them in the confined space of my bedroom with the dimly lit table lamp bought from Ikea.

p/s: I'm waiting for my Ganador Titan Rouge. Its a straight thru and I'll lose some midrange but increased pick-up as well as increased top speed at high range. Hopefully, the midrange will not be significant or I'll be forced to add a semi flow midbox. Or I'll maybe add a silencer to add some backpressure. BTW, its a custom purchase with a 4" tip.

Friday, December 19, 2008

.new wing and sneakers.

there's this new wing opened at Gurney Plaza and I've been wanting to go visit it since forever... except that it only opened up a couple of months ago but it really felt like forever. anyway, i've heard about the nike specialty store there from BBB and since Christmas, NY and CNY is coming... I've been meaning to change these two year old sneakers of mine.

It's still in pristine condition but heck, a guys gotta walk too. I am willing to part with my pristine Nike Light Blue and White sneakers for RM980.00. It has brought me to many places and i think i've clocked around 9000 km on it. Interested offers can pls email me jimmyang[at] No lowballers.

I've been conned by these white lovely babies of k-swiss. Mind you they're not k-fed, only Britney spears got conned by K-fed... twice. I mean, which idiot would step into the same shit two times? Nvm. I'm interested in the last image utmost right. i'm no lover of high dunks.

My interest in Onitsukas are beginning to wear off. Mostly because I'm not liking their available designs here in Malaysia.

Now let's hook up at Gurney new wing this weekend. Cya.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

.mundane life.

ok, nothing much happened in my mundane 2d fucking life. I mean, how fucking good can my life be when I'm working 6 days a week. What with everybody getting pubic hairs all over the economy outlook, I am only grateful to say that I'm trying to cut down on my expenses. My fucking company is also trying to cut down expenses. The only thing is.. they haven't resorted to downsizing.

One of my mates decided to get married. They've registered for the past 3 years if I'm not mistaken and the wedding ceremony was only conducted last week.

Also, tomorrow will be CheezelKas' last day in the company. She will be missed but I guess going off to study her degree is much better than staying put in the company. Can this be considered voluntary downsizing? XD

Yeah, looking at this fucking anal economy everyone is complaining about... I hereby wish everyone a Merry fucking Christmas and have a happy fucking New Year.

I need to go shopping. Here's to my salary and no fucking bonus. I think the economy fuck-up is just an excuse for my company to squeeze out my bonus.

Fuck you brainless shit running Citibank and GM and whatever shit company that closed down or needs bailing from the US government. You're useless. Go fly your dick.

p/s: I need a holiday but I'm out of Annual Leave.WTF.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.stupid Prakash.

An idiot came into my office from Seri Boogies V*ntures (Prakash).. shouting about why our office called him twice or three times asking him to pay RM90.

He was going "Kenapa you orang call I banyak kali har? Cakap sekali cukup lah. I hutang you RM90 bukan RM90,000".

I was agitated but maintained calm. "You hutang RM90 tapi belum bayar lagi, jadi kita pun call lar"

He said the magic word "You ingat I tak boleh ingat ke? You ingat I bodoh ke?"

I was soooo fucking tempted to say "Ya". But then I was thinking maybe after that explosion he wouldn't pay. So I asked him "So, sekarang you nak bayar?".

He took out his wallet and I let it slide. He was standing there complaining about how we're all making a fuss over RM90.

I let it slide and sat down.

You may think of me as a wuss but I thought it was harder for me to let it go than any other thing I could have ever done. I could've quarrelled with him or I could've just said "Kalau tak puas hati, tak payah bayar. Boleh blah. You ingat kita nak you punya RM90 ka?"

But walking away was the right thing to do.


So many things were going in my head for that one question.

Among the good answers were:

"Ya, I memang ingat you bodoh"
"Tidak, I ingat you terencat."
"Maybe your mom didn't teach you well. It's ok."
"Evolution boy, yours seem stunted"

Kenapa... I tak bagitau dia?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

.Klang Rendezvous.

Peter's wedding at Klang.

Gua pakai gaya "Wong Fei Hung". AstroArif pakai gaya "P.Ramlee + Mawi". LassyLeng pakai gaya "Aishwarya Rai".

Kita bertiga agak menyesal kerana mereka yang lain pakai ala kadar aje. Tapi tidak apa, kita bertiga ada gaya, mutu, keunggulan.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When darkness comes, it consumes and eats. And in total darkness we hold on to the hope of light not because we want to be saved but because we simply want hope. We know deep within our hearts that without hope, our hearts die.

But hope makes us want. Want makes us covet. Covet creates greed. Greed makes the world dark.

I shall not hope, nor want, nor covet. I shall have.

-jimmy ang-

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.fashion cons.

Gua sekarang tidak lagi "ngam" dengan baju L.

Gua sekarang bersaiz "XL".

Ini bukan kerana gua semakin gemuk.
Ini kerana industri fesyen cuba menipu kita dengan menukar standard size mereka.

Gua tertipu kerana hari ini gua ingin sangat NAK "diet".


BTW, I'm back from KL. It was hectic. I slept at 2.35 am yesterday.

The whole journey was filled with raindrops pitter-pattering on my windscreen. Its amazing how rain can last for 2 whole days. I wish there were more sunny days cause rainy days just makes me yawn.

Now I have an important decision to make.

Friday, December 5, 2008

.morning dew.

it's 6.00 am, I turn my head from left to right.

The morning dew is still fresh. I sat up and thought about the morning to come. It will be long.

I moved to the corner of the bed, switched on my ipod, covered myself under the warm blanket and let the music sway me back so that the day won't be any longer than it has to be.

Manhattan morning image from

p/s: She said I'm a sweet talker and I'd write great love letters. It made me want to write her one.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday MiniVin. Kthnxbai.

Been busy these couple of days. Some of you might notice, the blog header is gone. I was thinking of making a new one but work and outings got the better of me.

Some updates:
I was in Penang with my Swift Kakis last Friday. Saw KayaKhairul having coffee with his mom. Awww so sweet.
I watched BOLT with Nurul last Sat.
I met AlvinNotChipmunk, TeachingCC and TeachingWP at Jusco Bandar Perda Sat.
Midnight snack with JollyJules and MiniVin @ Salam.
Met up with Desmond on Sunday for bfast and lunch.
Tinted my spotlight.
New staff training on Monday and will continue till Friday. Dunno how she'll cope.
Also, I'll be in KL this weekend with ArifGigo and maybe BadCharn.

Reading The Traveller now. Midway. Interesting but nothing exceptional. Worth a read.

Sorry for the short update. I'm really sleepy now and it's only 10.35. I hate workdays.


.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...