.experience books.

my next few few weeks of night will be filled with these two reads:

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

The Devil's Right Hand Man, The True Story of Serial Killer Robert C Browne

i'm not intellectual, in fact i think i'm far from it. but reading gives me a chance to imagine and experience. it might not be something i experience but through other people's experience i learn about things.

Small things like the way the streets of New York light up during the night. The view from Maldives. The distant sound of a wolf's cry. Maybe even the thinking of a girl abused physically and emotionally.

Sometimes I learn about love and I learn how to appreciate love. I learn to love the blue skies during an early morning, the smell of fresh cut grass and the taste of fresh plucked tomatoes from the gardens of Guangdong.

There are so many things to learn about this world. And I try to learn them in the confined space of my bedroom with the dimly lit table lamp bought from Ikea.

p/s: I'm waiting for my Ganador Titan Rouge. Its a straight thru and I'll lose some midrange but increased pick-up as well as increased top speed at high range. Hopefully, the midrange will not be significant or I'll be forced to add a semi flow midbox. Or I'll maybe add a silencer to add some backpressure. BTW, its a custom purchase with a 4" tip.
December 21, 2008


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