.mundane life.

ok, nothing much happened in my mundane 2d fucking life. I mean, how fucking good can my life be when I'm working 6 days a week. What with everybody getting pubic hairs all over the economy outlook, I am only grateful to say that I'm trying to cut down on my expenses. My fucking company is also trying to cut down expenses. The only thing is.. they haven't resorted to downsizing.

One of my mates decided to get married. They've registered for the past 3 years if I'm not mistaken and the wedding ceremony was only conducted last week.

Also, tomorrow will be CheezelKas' last day in the company. She will be missed but I guess going off to study her degree is much better than staying put in the company. Can this be considered voluntary downsizing? XD

Yeah, looking at this fucking anal economy everyone is complaining about... I hereby wish everyone a Merry fucking Christmas and have a happy fucking New Year.

I need to go shopping. Here's to my salary and no fucking bonus. I think the economy fuck-up is just an excuse for my company to squeeze out my bonus.

Fuck you brainless shit running Citibank and GM and whatever shit company that closed down or needs bailing from the US government. You're useless. Go fly your dick.

p/s: I need a holiday but I'm out of Annual Leave.WTF.
December 18, 2008


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