Tuesday, December 16, 2008

.stupid Prakash.

An idiot came into my office from Seri Boogies V*ntures (Prakash).. shouting about why our office called him twice or three times asking him to pay RM90.

He was going "Kenapa you orang call I banyak kali har? Cakap sekali cukup lah. I hutang you RM90 bukan RM90,000".

I was agitated but maintained calm. "You hutang RM90 tapi belum bayar lagi, jadi kita pun call lar"

He said the magic word "You ingat I tak boleh ingat ke? You ingat I bodoh ke?"

I was soooo fucking tempted to say "Ya". But then I was thinking maybe after that explosion he wouldn't pay. So I asked him "So, sekarang you nak bayar?".

He took out his wallet and I let it slide. He was standing there complaining about how we're all making a fuss over RM90.

I let it slide and sat down.

You may think of me as a wuss but I thought it was harder for me to let it go than any other thing I could have ever done. I could've quarrelled with him or I could've just said "Kalau tak puas hati, tak payah bayar. Boleh blah. You ingat kita nak you punya RM90 ka?"

But walking away was the right thing to do.


So many things were going in my head for that one question.

Among the good answers were:

"Ya, I memang ingat you bodoh"
"Tidak, I ingat you terencat."
"Maybe your mom didn't teach you well. It's ok."
"Evolution boy, yours seem stunted"

Kenapa... I tak bagitau dia?


syeidafiz said...

zimmy sangat penyabar
dan sabar itu separuh daripada iman
jadi zimmy seorang yang separuh beriman

zeemi said...

amboi... pandainya amoi ni berkhutbah.

Anonymous said...

u can also say:
'Tidak, saya terlupa'



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