Tuesday, December 9, 2008

.fashion cons.

Gua sekarang tidak lagi "ngam" dengan baju L.

Gua sekarang bersaiz "XL".

Ini bukan kerana gua semakin gemuk.
Ini kerana industri fesyen cuba menipu kita dengan menukar standard size mereka.

Gua tertipu kerana hari ini gua ingin sangat NAK "diet".


BTW, I'm back from KL. It was hectic. I slept at 2.35 am yesterday.

The whole journey was filled with raindrops pitter-pattering on my windscreen. Its amazing how rain can last for 2 whole days. I wish there were more sunny days cause rainy days just makes me yawn.

Now I have an important decision to make.


syeidafiz said...

i also blame the fashion industry
shame shame

budakbarublaja said...

i totally agree wif u... they simply put d size lar...

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