.morning dew.

it's 6.00 am, I turn my head from left to right.

The morning dew is still fresh. I sat up and thought about the morning to come. It will be long.

I moved to the corner of the bed, switched on my ipod, covered myself under the warm blanket and let the music sway me back so that the day won't be any longer than it has to be.

Manhattan morning image from pinchmysalt.com

p/s: She said I'm a sweet talker and I'd write great love letters. It made me want to write her one.
December 4, 2008


aifaa said…
aw...jim.are u in love?
Jimmy Ang said…
nope aifaa, just a general comment from an innocent girl i know. she has the cutest voice, like you.
Syeida Alli said…
he's in love
oh yeah
jimmy's in love
Jimmy Ang said…


p/s: seriously though, i think i fell in love with Megan Fox. i <3 MF!


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