Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday MiniVin. Kthnxbai.

Been busy these couple of days. Some of you might notice, the blog header is gone. I was thinking of making a new one but work and outings got the better of me.

Some updates:
I was in Penang with my Swift Kakis last Friday. Saw KayaKhairul having coffee with his mom. Awww so sweet.
I watched BOLT with Nurul last Sat.
I met AlvinNotChipmunk, TeachingCC and TeachingWP at Jusco Bandar Perda Sat.
Midnight snack with JollyJules and MiniVin @ Salam.
Met up with Desmond on Sunday for bfast and lunch.
Tinted my spotlight.
New staff training on Monday and will continue till Friday. Dunno how she'll cope.
Also, I'll be in KL this weekend with ArifGigo and maybe BadCharn.

Reading The Traveller now. Midway. Interesting but nothing exceptional. Worth a read.

Sorry for the short update. I'm really sleepy now and it's only 10.35. I hate workdays.

December 2, 2008


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