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.why so.... serious?

.why so.... serious?

9/10. If you don't like it, you're not really worth it.

.Chick vs Dick.

This episode damn funny. For more episodes, go to

.very fan.

wtf is wong with some people? they think having an accident is damn nice izzit? magezibai. i already damn "fan" somemore they need...

.quote of the day.

wise men believe, successful men trust wise men do, successful men order wise men save, successful men spend - zeemi.ang 2008

.random PMS.

are bloggers really that pimping, money driven, sex crazy? i hate it when they get paid to write advertorials and they dont freaking discla...

.dijangkiti comel.

Minah dekat tempat kerja aku selalu menjenguk aku. Aku perasan dari tepi mata. Biasalah, lelaki berkerjaya yang ada gaya, mutu dan keunggula...

.pitch black.

they say life passes by you when you glimpse death. for me, it was just pitch black. that moment when someone called out my name and the mil...

.exercise gagal.

yesterday morning i woke up and took a walk, then by the second house on my left.. i've had enough of it. this morning i woke up and di...

.morning routine.

I woke up this morning to the lousy ringtone of my HP alarm clock. I picked it up and fumble to silent it. Its amazing how fast these handph...
.disappointing venue.

.disappointing venue.

they expect me to fork out SGD200 for a venue that looks like this? I expected air conditioned Genting "Arena of All Stars" k...


sleeping at 5 and waking up around 9 is hazardous. there must be repercussions. life, be gentle to me. i've only lived a quarter of a ce...
.singfest 2008.

.singfest 2008.

23 days more to go. maybe 22 in a few more hours. This 2nd and 3rd August, Singapore will be holding its biggest music festival yet. It wa...

.in need of vacation.

i'm finding it harder to blog. when at work, i'm like a robot. my brains cant function. blogging is like bad karma. after work, i f...
Quarter @ Fuel [2]

Quarter @ Fuel [2]

more pics from my celebration @ Fuel!
Quarter @ Fuel

Quarter @ Fuel

p/s: click on pic for larger size.

.half a century

imagine, living all my life TWICE, i'd be half a century old. things I got for my 25th Birthday! 1. Free ticket from GSC . GSC rocks f...


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