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are bloggers really that pimping, money driven, sex crazy?

i hate it when they get paid to write advertorials and they dont freaking disclaim it.
i mean, is it like freaking written in your contract that you are not allowed to disclaim them?

and don't act like you guys are all making a public service announcement, vouching for their quality and shit like that. if you're paid, you're biased, so STFU.

I love Levi's but I hate bloggers posting reviews and nonchalant info which can be found in any freaking google search after wearing them for like 1 or 2 times. some don't even wear them and post about other people wearing them. WTF?


also, this political debacle is really really getting on my nerves.

1. why is Pak Lah being all quiet on this subject not taking any drastic measures to better the political climate. Be Stern. We voted you as a leader, not a follower.

2. why is Najib going to be our next PM when allegations are still arising regarding his involvement in the Altantuya case? why did the judge not summon him for explanations?

3. why did the judiciary system fuck up?

4. why is Anwar being asked for his DNA? Clearly they have it in record.

5. why is the Terengganu MB buying Mercs when all this while the PKR is claiming BN as hardcore tax suckers. guess with great power comes great greed. Dont give me the bullcrap maintenance issue. Buy a Camry, Accord.. anything else at a fraction of the price dumbnuts.

6. why are people not worried about the freaking economy? Everyone else in the world seems to notice.

7. why did Pak Lah increase oil price to 2.70? Is he economically retarded?

8. why does BN claim that PKR is safeguarding the interest of Non-Malays at the expense of Malays? Is he dumb? Whatever happened to Malaysians?

9. Why after 50 years of independence, the top officials governing a country are still resorting to racist remarks?

10. Why are some officials soooooo freaking dumb?

I am not scared for Najib because he will lose his credibility or his reputation, I am not scared for Anwar if he is convicted and jailed again, I am not scared for Pak Lah because he will be remembered as the PM who did not take actions to suppress the political instability during the economic turmoil... he will simply not be remembered.

But I am truly scared for Malaysians. The future in this country is bleak and try as I may to support it, to love it, I feel only sympathy for our country at this time.


also, last but not least, i hate automatic drive-through car washes and hot dogs without mustard.
July 26, 2008


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