.very fan.

wtf is wong with some people? they think having an accident is damn nice izzit? magezibai.
i already damn "fan" somemore they need to keep reminding me about the incident. everyday asking me "how i feel?", "how is the car", "when ok?" wtf. Got nothing better to do?

actually I'm not really that angry about the asking lar but today damn "fan" have to wake up at 6.30 in the morning and fetch mom to work at 7.30 AM ok? Never before I wake up so early. Usually I wake up at 8.00! All because I have no car to work and I need to go Penang today. Got meeting with one damn "gay" customer who is so god damn troublesome and also lunch date with my ex-schoolmate.

Not that I dun have any car but the SLK the workshop borrowed me "tak boleh pakai". Like haunted liddat wan. The radio connection something wrong I think, suddenly can off and on wan. But mostly off than on. So I very da boring while going to Penang. Later I "tersleep" how? So, need to get car with radio then only can begin my journey.

Actually come to think of it, I more "fan".

If I can get PMS I think now i'm getting it. everything I see also damn "fan". Is it because my car or my financial status. Damn, I hate this emo feeling of got no money. Must kumpul like ants from now on. Then only I can splurge it all on a big Paris/Venice getaway. But then I come back sure "fan" part 2 wan lor.

Also, next time must drive like an ant and be extra careful.

Aiyah, wanted to blog about 2 things. One is about the dumb Krico toilet thingie, the other is about lorry fire thingie. But blame my company got no card reader. Damn useless. Cannot blog with pictures. Next time k?
July 29, 2008


Anonymous said…
*hugs* i guess u need a hug to cheer u up :D

tomorrow will be a better day...

-famous anonymous-
Samantha said…
FINALLY! someone got a tiny wee bit taste of the ladies' PMS...don't worry dude everything will be fine and you'll definitely get your Paris/Venice getaway and your fan part 2 will definitely be fun...ooooh it rhymes huh? lool


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