.in need of vacation.

i'm finding it harder to blog. when at work, i'm like a robot. my brains cant function. blogging is like bad karma.

after work, i find myself tired. spending the extra whatever amount of time i have left in front of the TV, trying to doze myself off to sleep.

Not much of activities going on i have to confess.

however, i did visit MATTA fair in PISA, Penang last Saturday. Planning to go somewhere. Anywhere, I'm in desperate need of a vacation.

Any suggestions? Within Malaysia, out of Malaysia... anywhere.

Mentally, I'm drained.
July 8, 2008


Anonymous said…
I feel the same, come visit me in Spore :)
budakbarublaja said…
pulau redang...pulau kapas or perhentian...
bibopp said…
in the new straits times today, it says; "penang has more than meets the eye".tp u dh mmg tggl kt situ.hehe.
sabah sounds ok kot.go to some island


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