.singfest 2008.

23 days more to go. maybe 22 in a few more hours.

This 2nd and 3rd August, Singapore will be holding its biggest music festival yet. It was a success in 2007 and come 2008, I intend to be sharing this event in history.

I'll be booking my tickets at the end of this week.

Know how I always said I wanted a vacation? This is it. A time to party and to unwind.

Among the artists performing on Day 1 are:

Simple Plan
Crowned King
Newfound Glory
Melanie Subono

and Day 2

Jamie Scott
Jason Mraz
Rick Astley
One Republic
Panic At The Disco
Stacie Orrico
Alicia Keys

This just came in *Latest line up for Day 2, Pussycat Dolls will be there!

Come this 2nd and 3rd August, I'll be at Fort Canning peeps. CYA.
July 10, 2008


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