Monday, July 14, 2008

.disappointing venue.

they expect me to fork out SGD200 for a venue that looks like this?

I expected air conditioned Genting "Arena of All Stars" kinda treatment. This is definitely not worth it. There is no seating, I'd have to fight it out with those young hippie PCD lovers and One Republic Worshippers. By the end of the day.. I know what I'd be.

Sweating like a pig, cramped from the looking up position, dirty and tired from the pushing and shoving and lastly SGD200 poorer.

Jason Mraz, One Republic... please come to Malaysia and have a real concert!


wEn said...

eh tat kinda concert la best...air conditioning is too posh n not so fun...but when u stand, u get to dance, u get to mingle u get to do wateva *wink wink* hahahaha...GET HIGH & GET HOT!

zeemi said...

I remember two concerts having almost the same setup. One was the 8TV Summer Live Concert. I was near and no dancing was done. People usually only jump around on these concerts.

Second was the Rainforest World Music Festival in Botanical. The first one was awesome cause it was raining and everyone didnt care. We were all dancing like hell cause only youngsters are left. The second one didn't rain. Managed to glimpse a lot of aunties and uncles and kids hanging around. Plus it was very very very freaking hot / warm. The few people who were dancing cannot make the atmosphere.

wEn said...

hahaha that's probably bcos you pasang too kuat for that kinda're suppose to be in loose summer clothes not long sleeves and long pants dude =p

zeemi said...

hmmm.. good idea. maybe i was overdressed.

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