.half a century

imagine, living all my life TWICE, i'd be half a century old.

things I got for my 25th Birthday!

1. Free ticket from GSC. GSC rocks for bringing me free Hulk!
2. 30% discount from Padini Concept Store. (Still not yet used)
3. Birthday party @ Fuel with co-birthday girl FairyYin.
4. Birthday card from Dini
5. 1001 post on Blogger.
6. Many birthday wishes on Friendster and Facebook.
7. Increment! Albeit lower than what I expected but still... *-^

Awesomest birthday ever.
July 1, 2008


Unknown said…
Happy Belated Birthday dude..may God bless u always..:)
Anonymous said…
happy belated bday jimbo...hey, i'd like to correct ur title here. it shud be quarter of a century not half. if half then u'd be a dying grandpa by now..hahaha ;p love ya
budakbarublaja said…
::happy birthday::
Anonymous said…
Omg. Jimmy. Don't tell me that the day we met up was actually your birthday?? Eeekkk.. Thanks for going all the way from Butterworth to meet up (I seriously didn't know where's Butterworth before that till my mum googled map it) Happy Belated Birthday!

Jimmy Ang said…
rose: thanks a lot dear!

hani.. correct apa plak.. my vocab not that bad ok. It was on purpose.

budakbarublaja: timo kasih bebanyak.

aileen: no worries girl. It was fun having you around... but it wasn't my birthday yet.. just a pre-birthday celebration.


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