Friday, July 18, 2008

.exercise gagal.

yesterday morning i woke up and took a walk, then by the second house on my left.. i've had enough of it.

this morning i woke up and did some morning exercise. in less than 1 minute, I dozed back.

confirm gagal.


As a good friend also confirm I gagal...

zeemi.ang says:
i need to ween off SweetSam
i need to cure my addiction to her
thus.. no outings with yw
unless with group of friends

- lovelyYin - says:

why lar
wat u addicted to so much wth her???

zeemi.ang says:
well, she's fun to hang out with

so i'll miss her..........

plus... i can call her BITCH

- lovelyYin - says:

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