Sunday, February 26, 2006

.beggarsifilis crawlies.

this post is 1% good and 99% evil. Proceed with caution.

beggars. you either love them or you hate them.

i'm ok with those who play music or sing songs for a living. in fact i adore them. i feel some sense of admiration for them.

however, those who come in packages like mum + kids , those ... are less liked by me. I mean, they're ok if they're really in need of money but they should at least find a job. the mother's totally fine with two hands and a good pair of legs

however, i do understand that sometimes, those mother fucking employers wouldn't hire a single mother who hasn't had a bath in like... 1 month?
heck, i'd think twice.

maybe i'd offer them some place to bathe. but..

no........ they don't want your water. they want money!

the third is the single looking motherfucking critters looking for money while waiting at some road side for hard working people like us to throw them a cent or two. i mean, what can i do with twenty cents?

it's not much nowadays right?

NO! I digress.

with these twenty fucking penis pennies, i can actually buy a packet of tissue from the toilet guardian angel. and in that packet of tissue, there are actually 20 sheets of small trees cut a gazillion times. and with these tissues, i can actually wipe my dirty ass for 20 times, you know!

so fuck you people. everytime i throw 20 cents, my freaking cute ass suffers the discrimination of smelly ass x 20!

at first i thought those were the only types of beggars around.

UNTIL today!

I went to the pasar malam in Sri Putri. And guess what?

I found a new bred species of beggarsifilis. It's the creepy crawlies. Yeah, that's what they are.

They drag their body along down the road, some of them with thin legs and dirty looks and looking like the world never invented crouchs or something. They place a cardboard on their body and lie down. Then their cup of money in one hand, they drag their body down the middle of the road... dead center of the road. all this while attracting the attention and not to mention disturbing the traffic.

i mean, wtf? the people who go up and down the road would always be the same and the people who passes you will either notice you and pay you or walk away.

What kind of breed has technology brought forward?

where do they learn these new techniques?

hmm.. given the chance, I will actually pull them to the side, bash them up and ask them to choose a place, if not.. find a job. if not.... i dunno.. do something... just not.... this!

you're a hazard to society and a bitch to look at. so, fuck off!

Friday, February 24, 2006

.fuck you high class bitches.

some people can just be so obnoxious (also bitchy!).

you see, i study in a ... urm... less than glamorous course focusing on education and just because "you" bitch/asshole study in an engineering or whatever the fuck mechanical fucking course doesn't make you any better than I am.

It doesn't even give you the fucking right to look down upon other less glamorous course dwellers or whatever the fuck.

It's something akin to studying in science stream vs studying in arts stream. Whoever says the one studying in science stream has a better future can kick themselves in the balls or vagina. I don't fucking care.

Most people who study in engineering courses or even mechanical courses are not out of interest, they do it because of their friends or their parents or even for the fucking name.

Rarely do people have the interest and desire to work in the particular field that they choose to major in. I, mean those who study in privates would most probably be an exception since they choose their course but in a fucking poor government university... the courses choose you. And you go there because you either need to or have to. If not, I would have just enrolled PRIVATE. cause I know the life there is much fucking more happening and better than here in this university.

The chicks here sucks. Everywhere I go, I see big t-shirts and jeans. Whatever happened to fashion sense. Come on, just because you study in a guy laden course doesn't mean you have to look like a man too?

there's no such thing as an ugly woman, only lazy woman.

and whoever looks down upon me today will be remembered. cause god knows if i am succcessful one day, I will lay my wrath upon you like hell's fiery fire.

but right now... I can just keep my mouth shut and rant in this insignificant blog.

I am ranting because one of my subjects for my PSM was obnoxious and her data wasn't even valid. She can't even read instructions. She's dumb and she thinks she's soooooooo happening.

I should've known, you can't really expect much from uneducated rich bimbos. They're full of attitude ala Paris.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

.fucking awesome.

holy fuck!


.star wars galaxies.

Darth Vader : I have a problem, sir.

Emperor : What now? Do you need more lubricant oil?

Darth vader : Urmm.. yes. but that's not my problem. I just wanted to ask you something.

Emperor : Just because you lost your dick doesn't mean you have to be a pussy ya know... bring it on.

Darth Vader : I noticed that the dark force is high in this world. People are killing each other even without our interference. I like that. But the problem is, which side should I support?

Emperor : You mean the current racial tension?

Darth Vader : yes.

Emperor : fuck you, how should I know which religion you're in. I mean, I can't even see your face without grinching.

Darth Vader : That's very insensitive of you, sir.

Emperor : Stop being a bitch. You're ugly and you know it. So, get over it. Hey, at least you have the mask. All I have is this hood which is like... useless. Besides, you have the force to woo chicks. Everytime you wanna fuck one, just show them the lightsaber trick. They love it.

Darth Vader : You mean, chopping off sushi with a lightsaber. That's so old now, sir. Now I use the midi-chlorians to get them. They just willingly follow my orders.

Emperor : fuck you, whatever. You can't even fuck them.

Darth Vader : That was uncalled for.

Emperor : Then, why the fuck were you showing off your midi-chlorian shit tricks to me. I can't get any chicks even with both tricks.

Darth Vader : Urm, sir... So, we haven't decided yet which side should we support sir.

Emperor : Does anyone in this planet have any inkling of the force within them?

Darth Vader : No, these people are more primitive. They use more primitive methods like bombs and guns.

Emperor & Darth Vader : Hahahahaha!

Emperor : Look, pussy. We can live with the different species in our galaxy and they never fight because of racial tension.

Darth Vader : That's because we don't have a religion sir.

Emperor : Fuck, who said so....

Darth Vader : Then, can you name me one religion sir?

Emperor : Erm..... You have angered and questioned me young apprentice. Now you shall die.

Darth Vader : Fuck.

Emperor : Hahahaha! Wait, I know......... Lucasism.

Darth Vader : That's our creator and producer. Our mother, not a religion.

Emperor : Pussy bitch.

Darth Vader : cough *Old Fag* cough

Emperor : What?

Darth Vader : Nothing.

Emperor : Ok, then from now on... everyone must follow the religion caloled Lucasism. Anyone who opposes to this will be shot dead on site. Adios.

Darth Vader : Wait sir, I need a talk with you.

Emperor : FUCK YOU! WHAT?

A white trooper suddenly barges in to the room and starts killing everyone with a gun. But then he looks in disbelief at both Darth Vader and Emperor.

Darth Vader : Hahahaha. Fucking die... Continues to strangle him with the force.

Emperor : Fucking die... Continues to fry him with his electricity

White Trooper : I hate main characters.

Darth Vader & Emperor : OWN3D

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

.what if your hdd got corrupted?

a conversation in a computer store.

"we've managed to completely save your computer from the brontox virus which has been eating up your files like 1000 hamsters through a cardboard."

"cool. roxxor. 1337."


"nothing you would understand NOOB!"

"we've managed to save all of your games data including fifa, starwars , NFS Most wanted............ bla bla bla........."

"yaya, whatever"

"however, there were some parts which we couldn't save cause the hdd got corrupted."

"it's a small matter, i can always reinstall some of the programs and replay the whole game!"

"but it's your porn collection."






"say something..."

"the whole 120gb of it?"

"yes..................... sir? sir? somebody call an ambulance. i think he's in shock"

.tammy, wonderbar and breitling.

Tammy NYP sex scandal was in the newspaper yesterday. Julian got a glimpse of it.

he showed me the article yesterday and we were talking about it.

i said it's like the DPS scandal all over again. only the DPS was much better.

Julian said "what the fuck was these people thinking?"

i say "must be some idiots who have no common sense."

"snapping porn on the go is not a good way to publicize yourself. go for the videocam version ala Paris."

then Marvin said "police can check our handphones for porn nowadays you know?"

"really?" i said.


although i can say for sure that they are a pitiful couple. but i can't really help them much in the IQ department. whoever saved their own escapades on the hp is dumb, stupid, and a moron.

we talked on and on and on. about porn and the girl. it turns out to be a debate whether she's pitiful or she deserved it. Victim or bimbo.

and then... as we were about to leave the place..

one of them (i can't reveal their name...) said..

"go find the video and tell me where to download har..."


btw, did i mention that i went to sg on saturday. my friend was going for a meeting with one of the Wonderbar distributors and needed some help in directions.

Wonderbar is a product of germany. It's a premixed alcoholic cocktail. There are also non-alcoholic versions but i doubt they really will bank in on that.

and then we went to Orchard and saw the breitling watch exhibition.

i went in and there was this VIP section. i thought it was open for public so we wanted to go in but the person in charge said they only cater to people who wears a breitling watch.

hmmph... what a spoiler.

and no camera taking permissible thus no pics for you guys.

a couple of days back, me and my friends went to danga bay. and guess what.. we saw the breitling for sale. each one costs less than a hundred! hahaha! should've just bought one and went into the booth. and then shout "IN YOUR FACE breitling mofos!"

nah, i'm not that vengeful but this really shows how bad piracy is..

okay, i think i need to get back to my PSM.

maybe before that i COULD find that fucking video first.

.under the blanket.

What can a guy do when he's having fever and can't take panadols?


Sunday, February 19, 2006

.a quick word about my keyword.

this is called a quickie cause this post is just a filler. i really need to go back to working on my PSM.

but over here, I have a few things to say.

to all those who came in searching for

"bohsia penang, myvi part, skinhead sibu, merdeka 2005, sexy, bekok, johor, rain korean actor (i have no idea..), problem with padini, peter chai and jeemee."

I give you a warm hug and welcome you with my sincerest gratitude.

However, to all those who came in searching for

"ki porn, do my girlfriend porn, japanese whore houses (OMFGWTF?), persetubuhan and ahlian g-string."

I say...


i mean, wtf is wrong with these people? why do they even search for these shit... i mean, normal porn is ok.

ki porn? wtf is that? is that something like chi porn? do they have sex with their chi and imagination?

how about "do my girlfriend porn"? who the fuck says that? DO MY GIRLFRIEND PORN?

isn't that like... not available on the net. if you did see your gf on the net doing porn... would you get horny? wtf is wrong with you people... excited seeing your gf doing it with another guy? fuck lar. KNNBCCB!

and then we also have japanese whore houses.... nuff said. i must have garnered visitors here with this keyword search because of the memoirs of a geisha review. damn fucktards.

persetubuhan? does my site reek of BM porn? nvm....

and last but not least... the fuckiest of all...


chee bye lar.

Friday, February 17, 2006


this is regarding my previous t-shirt fundraising to support my extravagant fucking lifestyle (kidding).

as you all know, all the fucking links have been taken off.

why? cause it's been fucking discontinued.

why? cause i have problems.

what? the fucking company kept asking me to select only three possible sizes and i have bundles of orders varying from baby t to XXXL. I was like WTF?

then? then the total amount of order including all sizes was only 40! and i need a minimum of 50.

so? so, i'm fucking crazy if i can subsidize the 10 extra shirts.

what now? i fucking sincerely apologize.

however, if there is a sincere want to purchase the particular t-shirt and you all really like it, drop me a comment. at least i know the design's loved.

and if you all insist on wanting it, drop a comment. we'll see how it turns out.

again, i know some of you are disappointed but take great relieve to know that i am the one deeply hurt by the unsuccessful turnout. it took me so long to post this cause somehow, deep in my heart, i still believed the e-mails would still come in.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

.censorship is boxes on the vagina.

freedom of press in the malaysian context... WTF?

what exactly constitutes the rules of the malaysian context and who decides them. it is a very thin line and a very subjective opinion.

in all aspect, we must consider that Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Respect comes without a doubt and censorship comes with the responsibility of speech. Any speech.

In a free world where free speech is rampant, we cannot overlook the responsibilities that come with it. Not only in a newspaper, even in a blog.

There are blog patrols everywhere who decide what we write and help us spread the misgivings of our post. I am not saying they are wrong, but i am merely stating the obvious. Whatever we say, or worse, write must be thought, planned and analyzed before publication.

However, for our government to control the mass media shows lack of respect for not only the writers but also the readers.

Editorial integrity is a big issue, but whoever reports a malicious or misinformed story should be held responsible, not the whole coop of chickens.

Probably they are frustrated with the hot agenda that is being reported daily and with no end. For example, it was first the AP issue, and then the ear squat, bribery, Minister's insensitive remarks, back to the recent shaving incident. The government is getting enough fire from outside the country and handling economics is not exactly 1+1. Now, they have the issue coming internally, affecting not only the trust of the citizen but also tarnishing the image of the affected parties.

What do they expect? The media to cover them up? to support them in hard times and to enjoy the good times together?

Then, they are looking into it the wrong way. We are not condemning them for the fun of criticism. We live in this country, and who doesn't want a better system? who wants to find fault with the system? our own system?

We are criticizing them because we realize something is wrong and they don't. Their misuse of power is WRONG and unethical. If we don't help them change the system, communism is paving the way into this country.

Journalists need censorship but they don't need the government's interference.
The trials and tribulations of the system are a way forward, not a way down.
"the dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. as our case is new, so we must think anew, act anew. we must disentrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country."
- Abraham Lincoln
without knowing the problems, we can never find the solution.

Let free speech prevail


Censor because of responsibility, not fear.

as Dr. Loo said in

good reporters self-censor for good reasons — to steer clear of defamation, to avoid misrepresenting the truth, to be fair, meticulous and solidly accurate. It only becomes a worry when self-censorship is habitual and unthinking, when it's committed more for personal rewards than for any ethical codes. Malaysian media history clearly shows that self-censorship committed out of learnt fear — in many cases, unjustifiable — only leads to legitimate issues being uninvestigated, the bigger picture compromised and the truth concealed.

"the probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just."
- Abraham Lincoln
"Fuck the free world" - Eminem in 8 Mile

.whazzup DAWGS.

i took some pictures of the dogs terrorizing my neighbourhood and hope to shed some light on how these bitches and SOBs look like.

<-- begin -->

in the middle of a lonely night. with the moon so beautiful and round. Kanne the dog decided to do something with his life. he was lonely and he was desperately in need of some fucking sex!

he wanted to hump the lorry behind him. JHT 9852, but he decided not to. that's because his dick is too small and the ekzos is too big for his dick. he wants to lick the hole and imagine it was a bitch's vagina but it tasted too oily. yucks!

he tried sniffing an innocent passerby with his camera but it smelled too metally. besides, the camera has no hole too. and the innocent passerby is bald all over his body. yucks!

he needs someone with his bushy butt and easily penetrable vagina. and he wants to do it doggy style!
he never does it any other style besides the DOGGY STYLE! for him, the doggy style is the rawking position in the KAMASUTRA! no other position can give him so much pleasure!

he searched high and low.

front and back.

to the moon and back!

finally, he caught a glimpse of her. with her silky long black hairy furs.

he sniffs her out.

puts on his best performance to woo her!

but she didn't care. she snubs him off. she just turned the other way around.

he tried again and failed again!

finally, some reaction from her. can he succeed?
after she turns her face to the camera, he can finally see her through the flash of light.

and he jumped in surprise.
that fucking bitch is a HE!

<-- end -->

.toilet bang.

a couple of days ago, i was awokened by a loud bang and a clear shriek.

i rushed out of the room, thinking something big and serious has happened.

i was right.

it happened just outside the room, in the toilet!

KNNBCCB. I got syiok.. i mean shock.

The sink fell down. Literally. The wash basin.

Someone slipped and hoped to grab on to something and stop the fall. mana tau, both also fell down.

what's left of the old one.

a closer look.

water squirting out from the connecting hose...

the two metal bars that used to hold the basin



Sunday, February 12, 2006

.valentine gifts.

if you're confused on what to get for your girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine's Day, head over to pinkpau's blog.

She gives 12 excellent suggestions with...
a recommended retail price expectation?

direct link.

.keeping mum.

today's just another day working with the kids.

as usual after class i went down. i headed back to my car. but i stopped by a while to take a sip of the fresh air.

it's sunny but it's not hot. just the way i like it.

my student, Kenny heads to his car.

his mom asks him "is this your teacher?"

he says yes.

she approached me.

"Hie, you must be Kenny's mom. How are you?" I quipped.

"Sorry to disturb you" she said.

"However, !@#$#%#$%"

no, it's not foul words. It's some chinese mumbo shit.

I look at her expression. She doesn't seem to be angry but she seems serious.

Hmm... I heard her talking a few stuffs about the fees. It's not really my department.

I remembered the clerk upstairs telling me about this student's mom complaining about the sudden increase in her son's fees.

it seems that the kid enrolled in a level 1-3 package which costs significantly lower than the 4-5 level package.

But i wanted him in the 4-5 package cause he's freaking in form 4. thus the Form 4 to 5?I mean, the questions and test format would be different.

The admin agrees since he sees no problem with increasing the kid's level. but little did he know the problems coming up.

"!@#$^$&%^" she is still mumbling. I try to nod when i see an opportunity. Reassuring her that i understood. but in fact, i have no idea what the shit is coming out from her mouth.

However, I still need to give confirmation. She was blasting her mouth off like no tomorrow. I try not to look too confused.

"Hmmm, yes. I understand." I said.

After a while, she seems contented. And she said thanks and bye. After that she heads back to her car.

I said "Bye bye." and I smiled.

I think to myself.
"It's really a beautiful day."

I reversed my car and head back to my cozy house with a clear mind. I thank god for non-verbal communication.

Another battle won today without any human sacrifice.

for jimmy. 0 for terrorists.

Friday, February 10, 2006

.fucking dogs.

i am tired of listening to the dog barking outside. it's my neighbour's dog.

it's constantly kept in a cage and i doubt it even goes out to the compound once a day. maybe more like once a year. the cage is very small and barely enough for 2 dogs inside.

sometimes i wish i can take an M-16 and shoot hundreds of bullets into the dog so that i could end his misery. but then, i'd be too cruel right?

fuck cruelty to all those animal and shit. i'm actually putting it out of its misery.

i used to adore dogs.

now my neighbour has one which is freaking noisy. and my other neighbour has two ugly dogs...

these two dogs has too much freedom. the fucking owner lets the dog roam around the neighbourhood eating people's shoes and dustbins during the night. The whole neighbourhood is pissed off at the dogs and i once scolded them for letting their dog out biting people's stuffs. They refuse to admit that it was their dog.

Fuck you idiots, ok? it is your dog and i saw it. The family never feeds their dogs (according to a reliable source) and that's why they let them roam around finding food.

dei, got no money pls don rear dogs ok?

some of the people here called MPJBT and asked them to come and catch these dogs. apparently, they go back into the compound of the house once they smell the MPJBT dog catchers.

i really need to do something, where can i buy an M-16 rifle?

like i said, whatever happened to cute puppy lovey dovey dogs like this?

Thursday, February 9, 2006

.weird event.

i think to myself "hmmm.. today it's different"

i couldn't help but to start pondering on my eating habits these few days.

Did I turn into a vegetarian?
Did I took a lot of coloring?
Did I ate a lot of spinach?

What's the main difference that sets it apart from every other day in my life?
Is it the combination...?

I sat there for quite some time, leaving the little critter down there, under me.

I would be lying if i said i wasn't piss scared. There's something wrong. There has to be.

If there wasn't anything wrong, I'd most probably be an alien. Which is cool cause i was thinking more along the lines of Superman alien kindamapowers.

I thought of taking a picture as a reference or at least as a remembrance. But i think i'd have no life left and i'd be extra weird to do that.

I sat there for a long time... looking down.

it's swimming in the pool.

it's green.

and it's my shit (literally).

but take consolation in the fact that the shit after that turned out ok.

you never notice the simple things in life huh?

.Kodak Easyshare V570 Preview.

this is a preview of the camera which has been happily snapping my CNY pictures. Although it is currently not in my hand now... I might get around doing a proper review based on my personal experience later. Although this thing is a freaking beauty.. it's only main advantage that surpasses all other cameras in the market now is the WIDE ANGLE focus and cool DUAL LENS (also some Scheneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon shit.. actually those are the lenses, kinda like Carl Zeiss but this bitch sounds much better!).

The flash leaves much to be desired but it is good, i think it loses out only to the Panasonic Lumic FX9.

In terms of size, it is especially long but thin and comfortable in your hands. It doesn't actually bother me which is good. I have a bad vibe for fat stuffs.

The LCD screen is crystal clear measuring 2.5inch. I haven't tested out all the functions throughly yet but night shots without flash is a nightmare without a tripod. Even the most still hands will create visible distortion in the image. My BenQ crappy 2.1mpx camera performs better.

The color is crisp, clear and provides good and accurate representation of the actual image. I think it's more vivid and lively. But then, I only have the BenQ to compare it to. Less ideal lights will most definitely produce grainy results which really irks me off to no end. I think the camera might do better if i manually adjust ISO settings but then most users would prefer the hold and snap method.

However, I am glad to say that I am more than happy with most of the pictures and comparing it with some of my friends' Canon xxxx or Olympus Miu, This little beauty can outperform them.Kodak Easyshare V570 Preview

Wide-Angle Panorama Stitching and Advanced Video Performance

In addition to its dual lens design, the 5-megapixel V570 camera boasts a variety of notable features to enhance the photography experience, including in-camera panorama stitching, which automatically combines three pictures into a panorama photograph. Using the ultra-wide view in panorama scene mode, people can take in a 180-degree vista with just three shots — an industry exclusive.

Packing advanced video performance, the camera makes it easier for users to shoot all types of action in the way that many filmmakers prefer — with an ultra-wide angle to capture more of the scene. The EASYSHARE V570 camera records TV-quality video, up to 30 frames per second (fps) using advanced MPEG-4 compression. Built-in image stabilization technology reduces on-screen shaking from unintentional hand and camera movement. The camera also offers an optical zoom feature for video including auto focus. And it is simple to select any frame in a video, then save and print it as a “freeze frame” still picture in just seconds.

Other notable features of the V570 camera include:

  • A big, brilliant 2.5-inch, high-resolution LCD screen;
  • The exclusive KODAK Color Science image processing chip for phenomenal image quality with rich color, accurate skin tones, low noise and precise exposure;
  • Automatic red-eye reduction, on-camera cropping, picture blur alert and auto picture rotation;
  • In-camera distortion correction to compensate for ultra-wide angle fish-eye effects, which can be turned on or off;
  • Twenty-two scene modes plus three color modes, helping snap shooters capture the best possible shot with the least possible effort;
  • The Photo Frame Dock 2, which provides one-touch picture transfer to a connected computer while keeping the cameras’ high-capacity lithium-ion battery charged and ready to go, and which can play video and photo ‘slideshows’ on the camera’s high-resolution LCD screen;
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • And 32 megabytes (MB) of internal memory, plus a SD card slot for additional storage.------------------------[via]
p/s: I would post some sample pictures but bloggers gay and they deem it necessary to lower the quality of the original image. maybe next time when i do a proper review.

[pics from engadget]

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Ayer Itam Laksa makes me breath from my butt.

Do you know why Ayer Itam Laksa in Penang is soooo freaking famous?

Apart from the fact that it is sooo sinfully delicious... the place is also soooo freaking smelly.

If you look critically, you can notice it from the picture and it looks like i am releasing gas right? that's why i have a slight wedge 45' up. but the truth of the matter is far from it...

i was trying to inhale from my butt.

KNNBCCB, damn smelly the place can?

however i did notice that after a while, i got used to it and didn't complain much... but initially, yes... my butt suffered

i figured inhaling from my mouth would be even worse.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

.my chinese new year celebration.

first of all, this is mostly what i did throughout all my holiday.

and then my friends and i also went to cake lock see temple. the place was awesome. i thought it was way better than orchard road during christmas.

the view on the way up was magnifico

throw some coins into the bowl. i got in with my 50 cents! 50 cents!
the tanglungs were all really nice!

tanglung litted way. this stairway, if empty..
might look even better than the one the girl was running up in memoirs of a geisha.

nice leh the pagoda!

looks like some dynasty shite...

original recipe gazebo!

damn nice, can?! better than orchard!

the last day in my house was spent taking some pictures cause yeehui complained that she doesn't have any pic of her this CNY. haha! guess i'll have to e-mail some of these pics to her later.

other pictures will be up in my friendster. to all my friends who wanna grab it.. just go the fxck there ok?

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...