.a quick word about my keyword.

this is called a quickie cause this post is just a filler. i really need to go back to working on my PSM.

but over here, I have a few things to say.

to all those who came in searching for

"bohsia penang, myvi part, skinhead sibu, merdeka 2005, sexy, bekok, johor, rain korean actor (i have no idea..), problem with padini, peter chai and jeemee."

I give you a warm hug and welcome you with my sincerest gratitude.

However, to all those who came in searching for

"ki porn, do my girlfriend porn, japanese whore houses (OMFGWTF?), persetubuhan and ahlian g-string."

I say...


i mean, wtf is wrong with these people? why do they even search for these shit... i mean, normal porn is ok.

ki porn? wtf is that? is that something like chi porn? do they have sex with their chi and imagination?

how about "do my girlfriend porn"? who the fuck says that? DO MY GIRLFRIEND PORN?

isn't that like... not available on the net. if you did see your gf on the net doing porn... would you get horny? wtf is wrong with you people... excited seeing your gf doing it with another guy? fuck lar. KNNBCCB!

and then we also have japanese whore houses.... nuff said. i must have garnered visitors here with this keyword search because of the memoirs of a geisha review. damn fucktards.

persetubuhan? does my site reek of BM porn? nvm....

and last but not least... the fuckiest of all...


chee bye lar.
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February 19, 2006


snowybabie said…
ah lian G-string also link to here?? wat's next? ah kua T-back?..wahaha... :P


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