.star wars galaxies.

Darth Vader : I have a problem, sir.

Emperor : What now? Do you need more lubricant oil?

Darth vader : Urmm.. yes. but that's not my problem. I just wanted to ask you something.

Emperor : Just because you lost your dick doesn't mean you have to be a pussy ya know... bring it on.

Darth Vader : I noticed that the dark force is high in this world. People are killing each other even without our interference. I like that. But the problem is, which side should I support?

Emperor : You mean the current racial tension?

Darth Vader : yes.

Emperor : fuck you, how should I know which religion you're in. I mean, I can't even see your face without grinching.

Darth Vader : That's very insensitive of you, sir.

Emperor : Stop being a bitch. You're ugly and you know it. So, get over it. Hey, at least you have the mask. All I have is this hood which is like... useless. Besides, you have the force to woo chicks. Everytime you wanna fuck one, just show them the lightsaber trick. They love it.

Darth Vader : You mean, chopping off sushi with a lightsaber. That's so old now, sir. Now I use the midi-chlorians to get them. They just willingly follow my orders.

Emperor : fuck you, whatever. You can't even fuck them.

Darth Vader : That was uncalled for.

Emperor : Then, why the fuck were you showing off your midi-chlorian shit tricks to me. I can't get any chicks even with both tricks.

Darth Vader : Urm, sir... So, we haven't decided yet which side should we support sir.

Emperor : Does anyone in this planet have any inkling of the force within them?

Darth Vader : No, these people are more primitive. They use more primitive methods like bombs and guns.

Emperor & Darth Vader : Hahahahaha!

Emperor : Look, pussy. We can live with the different species in our galaxy and they never fight because of racial tension.

Darth Vader : That's because we don't have a religion sir.

Emperor : Fuck, who said so....

Darth Vader : Then, can you name me one religion sir?

Emperor : Erm..... You have angered and questioned me young apprentice. Now you shall die.

Darth Vader : Fuck.

Emperor : Hahahaha! Wait, I know......... Lucasism.

Darth Vader : That's our creator and producer. Our mother, not a religion.

Emperor : Pussy bitch.

Darth Vader : cough *Old Fag* cough

Emperor : What?

Darth Vader : Nothing.

Emperor : Ok, then from now on... everyone must follow the religion caloled Lucasism. Anyone who opposes to this will be shot dead on site. Adios.

Darth Vader : Wait sir, I need a talk with you.

Emperor : FUCK YOU! WHAT?

A white trooper suddenly barges in to the room and starts killing everyone with a gun. But then he looks in disbelief at both Darth Vader and Emperor.

Darth Vader : Hahahaha. Fucking die... Continues to strangle him with the force.

Emperor : Fucking die... Continues to fry him with his electricity

White Trooper : I hate main characters.

Darth Vader & Emperor : OWN3D
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February 23, 2006


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