this is regarding my previous t-shirt fundraising to support my extravagant fucking lifestyle (kidding).

as you all know, all the fucking links have been taken off.

why? cause it's been fucking discontinued.

why? cause i have problems.

what? the fucking company kept asking me to select only three possible sizes and i have bundles of orders varying from baby t to XXXL. I was like WTF?

then? then the total amount of order including all sizes was only 40! and i need a minimum of 50.

so? so, i'm fucking crazy if i can subsidize the 10 extra shirts.

what now? i fucking sincerely apologize.

however, if there is a sincere want to purchase the particular t-shirt and you all really like it, drop me a comment. at least i know the design's loved.

and if you all insist on wanting it, drop a comment. we'll see how it turns out.

again, i know some of you are disappointed but take great relieve to know that i am the one deeply hurt by the unsuccessful turnout. it took me so long to post this cause somehow, deep in my heart, i still believed the e-mails would still come in.

February 16, 2006


Anonymous said…
hmm means i can take off the shirt pic in my sidebar di?

gah now i have to think of smth to replace the pic.

its a really nice shirt though. =D
jolene said…
aww shit. i really like it and the design's loved. MUCH LOVE YES OKAY!

*hug* i'm sorry about it.
n305er said…
Sad to hear this...
it was a nice shirt.

Next time perhaps... :)
Reta said…
get another printer?
Anonymous said…
I want lah that shirt. Only 1. Not 10. so it's 41 pieces now. Faster find another 9! It's a sexy shirt ;)
Anonymous said…
aww shit. i really like it and the design's loved. MUCH LOVE YES OKAY!

bUttsH4k3r said…
i'm sorry it didn't worj out. but don't give up just yet; there ought to be an alternative.
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks for all the comments and support guys.

i'll try to find some other alternative if possible.

keep ya fingers crossed.
Coconut Ice said…
Aww...i really loved the designs :(


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