.Kodak Easyshare V570 Preview.

this is a preview of the camera which has been happily snapping my CNY pictures. Although it is currently not in my hand now... I might get around doing a proper review based on my personal experience later. Although this thing is a freaking beauty.. it's only main advantage that surpasses all other cameras in the market now is the WIDE ANGLE focus and cool DUAL LENS (also some Scheneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon shit.. actually those are the lenses, kinda like Carl Zeiss but this bitch sounds much better!).

The flash leaves much to be desired but it is good, i think it loses out only to the Panasonic Lumic FX9.

In terms of size, it is especially long but thin and comfortable in your hands. It doesn't actually bother me which is good. I have a bad vibe for fat stuffs.

The LCD screen is crystal clear measuring 2.5inch. I haven't tested out all the functions throughly yet but night shots without flash is a nightmare without a tripod. Even the most still hands will create visible distortion in the image. My BenQ crappy 2.1mpx camera performs better.

The color is crisp, clear and provides good and accurate representation of the actual image. I think it's more vivid and lively. But then, I only have the BenQ to compare it to. Less ideal lights will most definitely produce grainy results which really irks me off to no end. I think the camera might do better if i manually adjust ISO settings but then most users would prefer the hold and snap method.

However, I am glad to say that I am more than happy with most of the pictures and comparing it with some of my friends' Canon xxxx or Olympus Miu, This little beauty can outperform them.Kodak Easyshare V570 Preview

Wide-Angle Panorama Stitching and Advanced Video Performance

In addition to its dual lens design, the 5-megapixel V570 camera boasts a variety of notable features to enhance the photography experience, including in-camera panorama stitching, which automatically combines three pictures into a panorama photograph. Using the ultra-wide view in panorama scene mode, people can take in a 180-degree vista with just three shots — an industry exclusive.

Packing advanced video performance, the camera makes it easier for users to shoot all types of action in the way that many filmmakers prefer — with an ultra-wide angle to capture more of the scene. The EASYSHARE V570 camera records TV-quality video, up to 30 frames per second (fps) using advanced MPEG-4 compression. Built-in image stabilization technology reduces on-screen shaking from unintentional hand and camera movement. The camera also offers an optical zoom feature for video including auto focus. And it is simple to select any frame in a video, then save and print it as a “freeze frame” still picture in just seconds.

Other notable features of the V570 camera include:

  • A big, brilliant 2.5-inch, high-resolution LCD screen;
  • The exclusive KODAK Color Science image processing chip for phenomenal image quality with rich color, accurate skin tones, low noise and precise exposure;
  • Automatic red-eye reduction, on-camera cropping, picture blur alert and auto picture rotation;
  • In-camera distortion correction to compensate for ultra-wide angle fish-eye effects, which can be turned on or off;
  • Twenty-two scene modes plus three color modes, helping snap shooters capture the best possible shot with the least possible effort;
  • The Photo Frame Dock 2, which provides one-touch picture transfer to a connected computer while keeping the cameras’ high-capacity lithium-ion battery charged and ready to go, and which can play video and photo ‘slideshows’ on the camera’s high-resolution LCD screen;
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • And 32 megabytes (MB) of internal memory, plus a SD card slot for additional storage.------------------------[via]
p/s: I would post some sample pictures but bloggers gay and they deem it necessary to lower the quality of the original image. maybe next time when i do a proper review.

[pics from engadget]

February 8, 2006


Anonymous said…
ngek ngek, i have a panasonic lumix 9.

btw, u stil owe me the cny pics.. i think not more than 5 pics wif my face :( :( however, send them to me to my Dell's email ok :) thanks

and u are not forgiven for goin to kek lok si without me. humph~

-the famous anonymous-
Anonymous said…
how much does it cost?
Jimmy Ang said…
YEEHUI... can i resize the photo cause the original size is really damn big?

and did i mention anything about asking for forgiveness? btw, the car's full anyway! hahaha! sorry lor! next time ok?

jules : roughly RM1600. But we got it from Singapore.
narrowband said…
SO... lumix or this? I'm thinking of getting one!
Jimmy Ang said…
narrowband : this is definitely a better grab if you're into widescreens. Which really has a significant increase in width size compared to a normal cam.

however, i haven't tested Lumix's quality in less than ideal lighting conditions. Lumix's main advantage is the 6mpx and brighter than sun flash. i have tested the lumix's flash and it simply beats everything from casio to sony and even canon.

Not many people need the extra 1 mpx anyway.

but as far as i know, this little bitch isn't out in Malaysia yet.

p/s: the retake time (time from taking a picture to the time of taking another picture) is roughly 4-5 seconds at the highest setting. but it has a burst mode.

oh, and the 180 degrees panoramic mode rawks.


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