.my chinese new year celebration.

first of all, this is mostly what i did throughout all my holiday.

and then my friends and i also went to cake lock see temple. the place was awesome. i thought it was way better than orchard road during christmas.

the view on the way up was magnifico

throw some coins into the bowl. i got in with my 50 cents! 50 cents!
the tanglungs were all really nice!

tanglung litted way. this stairway, if empty..
might look even better than the one the girl was running up in memoirs of a geisha.

nice leh the pagoda!

looks like some dynasty shite...

original recipe gazebo!

damn nice, can?! better than orchard!

the last day in my house was spent taking some pictures cause yeehui complained that she doesn't have any pic of her this CNY. haha! guess i'll have to e-mail some of these pics to her later.

other pictures will be up in my friendster. to all my friends who wanna grab it.. just go the fxck there ok?
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February 7, 2006


Anonymous said…
wow... kek lok si looks splendid! :P


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