.beggarsifilis crawlies.

this post is 1% good and 99% evil. Proceed with caution.

beggars. you either love them or you hate them.

i'm ok with those who play music or sing songs for a living. in fact i adore them. i feel some sense of admiration for them.

however, those who come in packages like mum + kids , those ... are less liked by me. I mean, they're ok if they're really in need of money but they should at least find a job. the mother's totally fine with two hands and a good pair of legs

however, i do understand that sometimes, those mother fucking employers wouldn't hire a single mother who hasn't had a bath in like... 1 month?
heck, i'd think twice.

maybe i'd offer them some place to bathe. but..

no........ they don't want your water. they want money!

the third is the single looking motherfucking critters looking for money while waiting at some road side for hard working people like us to throw them a cent or two. i mean, what can i do with twenty cents?

it's not much nowadays right?

NO! I digress.

with these twenty fucking penis pennies, i can actually buy a packet of tissue from the toilet guardian angel. and in that packet of tissue, there are actually 20 sheets of small trees cut a gazillion times. and with these tissues, i can actually wipe my dirty ass for 20 times, you know!

so fuck you people. everytime i throw 20 cents, my freaking cute ass suffers the discrimination of smelly ass x 20!

at first i thought those were the only types of beggars around.

UNTIL today!

I went to the pasar malam in Sri Putri. And guess what?

I found a new bred species of beggarsifilis. It's the creepy crawlies. Yeah, that's what they are.

They drag their body along down the road, some of them with thin legs and dirty looks and looking like the world never invented crouchs or something. They place a cardboard on their body and lie down. Then their cup of money in one hand, they drag their body down the middle of the road... dead center of the road. all this while attracting the attention and not to mention disturbing the traffic.

i mean, wtf? the people who go up and down the road would always be the same and the people who passes you will either notice you and pay you or walk away.

What kind of breed has technology brought forward?

where do they learn these new techniques?

hmm.. given the chance, I will actually pull them to the side, bash them up and ask them to choose a place, if not.. find a job. if not.... i dunno.. do something... just not.... this!

you're a hazard to society and a bitch to look at. so, fuck off!
February 26, 2006


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